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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.

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    Happy Birthday, Claire Corlett

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    A shocking and unexpected death has rocked the Thomas community. Michael Angelis, the second U.K. narrator and the longest lasting narrator in the franchise, died suddenly today at the age of 68.

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    Happy Birthday, Andrew Francis

    Today is Andrew Francis' birthday. He is the talented man who voiced Shining Armor, and a few minor reoccurring or side characters throughout the show. This included briefly voicing Nightlight when the character first spoke on-screen at the end of "The Crystalling, Part 2".

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    Happy Birthday, Kelly Sheridan

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    Q & A Followup

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Happy Birthday Madeline Peters (And Happy Early Birthday Ashliegh Ball) · 5:11pm March 30th

Today is Madeline Peters' birthday, she is the talented young woman who voiced Scootaloo throughout the show's nine seasons. By now I've probably mentioned how unlike her CMC co-stars Michelle Creber and Claire Corlett, she was a teenager when she auditioned for the role and was thus the first to reach maturity during the course of the show. And I believe I also mentioned how she apparently moved to the U.S. recently, which is why for Seasons 8 and 9 a singing double was cast for Scootaloo (it's done so that the song flows naturally).

And tomorrow is Ashliegh Ball's birthday, she is the talented young woman who voiced Applejack and Rainbow Dash among other characters. And it's a well known fact that she is part of her own indie rock group called Hey Ocean (though she sadly got little in the way of solo songs throughout the show, Rainbow Dash in particular got only one in the form of "I'll Fly"). I think I've also talked about how she was the voice of Blythe Baxter in the 2012 Littlest Pet Shop cartoon, and the theme song was apparently done entirely by her (no word on if she did all her own songs for the show when Blythe sang).

Happy birthday, Madeline. And happy early birthday, Ashliegh. I hope you're both staying safe during this coronavirus pandemic.

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Comments ( 3 )

And I hope you are safe too! Still, happy birthday, scoots!

Happy birthday to two very great voice actors. And I hope you're safe too.

Happy belated birthday to Scoots and Happy B-Day to RD and AJ; hope everyone stays safe during these difficult times.

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