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Star Wars the Clone Wars: The Final Season: Deal No Deal · 5:07pm March 27th

"Between the three of us, there's enough blame to go around..."

Okay, so... um, yeah. Very intense emotional episode from an emotional standpoint. It's... actually I do love a good tension-based episode and this one delivers. It's constantly building and building and really, when it all pays off you're still left with frazzled nerves.

So good job there on the writing standpoint.

Like, really good. Also, I headcanon Trace is low-key on the spectrum. It's... well, I swear she is given some of her habits. Mind you, it could be human nature to project and honestly her little freak out is understandable from anyone's point of view but I got serious autistic vibes from her. Also, Rafa is reasonably and understandably concerned about her sister's piloting abilities -flying into a military lane anyone?- but I don't really like her. She hides the truth from her sister and keeps playing cons again and again. Yeah, some of them are needed to survive but... really? She could stand to let her sister in on certain things.

Also, did anyone get serious Temple of Doom vibes from the dining scene on Kessel?

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