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Signal Boost: Flurry Time by Supermarine_Spitfire · 1:48am Mar 27th, 2020

So, I pre-read someone else's story: Supermarine_Spitfire's Flurry Time.

EFlurry Time
Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle go to McDonald's.
Supermarine_Spitfire · 4.3k words  ·  22  2 · 391 views

Supermarine_Spitfire is no stranger to me. He's one of the few people on Reddit that I talk to on an almost daily basis and is quite active on r/mylittlepony, including the fan fiction side of it (as in, he's a regular participant of the subreddit's regular Writing Snippets threads, for one).

The whole pre-reading thing came from a simple question about how to publish stories on the site because some commenters said that his (then) most recent snippet could be published as worthy Fimfiction material. It spiraled into this, well, pre-reading thing. I believe it proved valuable to him to have his story viewed and polished by another pair of eyes so that it would be as hermetically good as possible, but it also proved valuable to me since I am a huge stickler for self-editing and want to see how well I would do if it's someone else's story I'm editing.

In the end, I think we all won, and I am glad that Supermarine is now officially a Fimfiction-published author! I am looking forward to what his next Fimfiction story could be.

If you have time for some pony sci-fi slice-of-life, then Flurry Time may be just for you.

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