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Future Justice League · 1:14am Mar 27th, 2020

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I can't help but feel that the whole concept of "futuristic Wonder Woman" is kind of missing the point. The Bronze Age elements are part of the fun with her.

That said, I do like willpower elemental Hal Jordan.

I've wished they 'd try a living power ring for ages— there was Aia from the Animated Series, but she had a normal robot body.

So THAT’S why Celestia retired: to do a major training montage and get back to adventuring, like in the old days! Ruling for so long has left her out of practice, but it’s cool. Just means that we get to have some fun before the cosmic awesomeness kicks in.

I think if you’re going to do a future Wonder Woman it’s actually about the surroundings. She’s still in Bronze Age armor, even as she tackles mechs and starships.

And I always like the creepy looking aliens to be on the good guy’s side.

I’m not sure what I’m seeing for Superman, but. Looks awesome at least.

I think based on the face, he's supposed to be a robot? I'm mainly confused by the floating crown around his head.


Check this out: Marble Wonder Woman!
I've wanted it for ages but I didn't think anyone else did. Not sure who that Green Lantern is supposed to be, though. And I'm not sure if Cyborg is cyborg-y enough— but I love how the Flash takes bits from Jay Garrick.

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