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I'm prepared for the apocalypse! (Image included!) · 11:22pm March 25th

I took precautions and now I'm prepared for the apocalypse, Metro 2033 style! I hope we have pet Fire Geckos and Cazadores! Maybe Festus will let me buy one for a bag full of Sunset Sarsparilla Star Caps...

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Is that a working gas mask?

Yes. A Polish mp4. I just put in the filters, so it's I like wearing a suction cup. Pretty comfortable around the face, but stinks because it's from 1989. Had to give it a rub down with antiseptic wipes.

Oof. Old rubber is not fun to work with.

Yep. Stinks so bad, even after multiple wipes! It had this white powdery stuff all over it that I have no idea what it is. Maybe stuff from the manufacturing process?

Bro, I love that game and did you use Febreze

Febreeze wouldn't be good for the rubber, or leather. The mask was never used, so it's new. Reeks so bad of age, so had to clean it a few times with antiseptic wipes to make sure it wouldn't make me ill when I wear it. Metro made me want one so more! This is the third one I've owned that I could wear. I sold the others because they were too small and from WW2

Or worse...

(Yes, I have an immature sense of humour at times.)


Don't we all? No shame. No judgements.

Welcome to the club.

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