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Jreg Falls In Love With A Mop · 4:13pm March 25th

Jreg Falls In Love With A Mop

A short story by Emma Lee Downs (AKA LyraAlluse).

Summary: A YouTuber called Jreg told people not to write suggestive stories about him so naturally I had to write this.

Here's his video, for reference.

I also left a comment with this story in his YouTube comment section with my Art-Tastic Creations YouTube account. It's the top comment if you want to upvote.

Now here is the story. Enjoy.

Jreg Falls In Love With A Mop

One day, Jreg was drinking coffee in the kitchen when he spotted a slender figure propped by the side of the fridge. It had long, luscious grey locks. It was staring at him seductively. That's when Jreg realized he had found the one.

He walked over nervously, grasping his coffee cup in his hands to keep them from shaking since it was a nervous habit he had. He leaned over and said, "Hey babe. I know I just bought you last tuesday at the Dollar General, but I feel like I've known you my whole life."

The slender figure didn't reply.

Jreg paused a moment, then continued, "Look, I know I'm a guy and you are a mop. This might be considered taboo to some people. But I don't care what other people think."

He leaned in and whispered in the mop's ear, "Plus, between you and me, I'll get a tax write off if I can prove I'm married. We don't really have to 'say' you are a mop. You get what I mean right?"

The mop tilted to the side a bit which Jreg interpreted as a nod.

"Excellent! Well, now all we have to do is finalize the marriage. I know it might be hard for you to sign some areas of the document so I'll sign on your behalf."

The mop leaned a bit further and Jreg nodded, stumbling off to print out marraige documents and sign them.

A few months later, Jreg and the mop were happily married. The bought a few dusters at Dollar General that became their adopted kids. The two lived happily ever after, Jreg got his tax write offs (plus some bonus ones for his 'kids'), and his house was kept squeaky clean since he really knew how to work that mop, if you know what I mean.

The end.

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Comments ( 12 )

*inhumane snorting*

5228215 Thank you for taking the time to read my story. :rainbowkiss:

no problem! It was the most perfect thing I have ever read.

5228222 Well thank you. I am glad that you enjoyed reading it. :heart:

5228230 Thank you for adding me as a friend. I will add you as well. :)

no problem and thank you too! C:

5228272 You are very welcome. Keep on being awesome.

5228316 I will do my best. :heart:

5228662 I am glad that it could make you smile, my friend.

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