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Just a fan of the show. Primarily here to support writers and throw out story ideas in the hope others can make something from them.

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EFF IT, WHY NOT? · 7:55pm Mar 24th, 2020

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I think I did this once, and since no one has tried to post, I’ll give this a shot: In your whole life thus far, what was your greatest accomplishment?

Not giving my &$*^@#!*&^ of a farther the satisfaction of wasting my life hating him. I simply stopped caring and when he died I simply shrugged my shoulders and went on with my life.

5459842 Lucky you, my father is still alive and he’s a scumbag as well

My sympathies. Just repeat 20 years to life to remember he isn't worth killing.

5459937 Funny enough, ever since I was kid, I’d been planning how I would kill him, but my mom told me to let it go, that he wasn’t worth it

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