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So I accidentally deleted Freedom. · 3:59am Mar 24th, 2020

The 205 follower account that was known for what you see above has been deleted. Gone. I had requested account deletion in 2019 because I was extremely down and not really wanting to write on the site anymore. Then I came back, and wrote a ton more. Started to really like this whole gig again, and completely forgot I had even requested deletion.

Now, the process had finally completed, and everything has been wiped. I'm not too worried about it at all, since I have literal backups of EVERYTHING, including stories I have never released. The only issue I have is that I deleted an account with a history spanning as far back as 2013. It's sad to see it go all to waste because I forgot I requested deletion.


Will be re-uploading A Slave's Freedom soon. Going to work on some of it tonight. Would really appreciate if you all spread the word that this is my account. I'd love you all to bits.

Thanks. :)

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Will be re-uploading A Slave's Freedom soon. Going to work on some of it tonight. Would really appreciate if you all spread the word that this is my account. I'd love you all to bits.

I'd love to see all those stories, my dude. All of them. 👀

You really should try and chew the mods out for this, or depending on the details, ask for your stuff back (if possible).

I don't think I can really get any of it back. Their system just wipes it all. I'm glad I have this alt just lying around where I can upload my old works. Sucks that all the memories and comments are gone. Hopefully I'll be able to work my way back up to where I was at again. :(

I posted a quick blog about the whole thing. Might want to consolidate your stuff all onto one account? Just merge 'em and have all your content in one place? Aside from an alt I keep for scraps, that's what I find most helpful.

Here's to hoping I'll see some familiar stories up again, though. :trixieshiftright:

Yeah, going to have to space them out so I don't get shot in the face by anyone for reposting stories from my now deleted one.

I don't know how I'm going to go about it. I'll start with A Slave's Freedom first, but after that... not sure.

Put ‘em in a randomizer. It’ll be like a story slot machine and I’m sure quarantined readers will enjoy a reliable source of updates.

Not uploading them all at once? Gee, I wonder who does that.

There is no such thing as freedom xD however, I will 'freely' follow you

That's a shame. Though that other account dating back to 2013 still exists. Hasn't been logged into since 2017...

--Sweetie Belle


Thank you for the follow!

That's because poor 1234 is lost. I don't have the account information anymore. :(

UPDATE: Fimfetch did not catalog A Slave's Freedom (the newer version). Luckily I have all the chapters, but the descriptions are gone. Oops.

Welcome back I new you could do it

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