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Yes, I'm alive · 11:28pm March 23rd

No, I'm not sick. But my brother's come down with a cough so me and my family are self-isolating. And right when my country's finally announced a lockdown.

Not to worry, I've got plenty to do at home. More than enough movies, reading, sketching and singing to catch up on, as well as redecorating, shelf-making, a new carpet to lay. So not gonna be a completely dull three weeks.

Honestly I'm not too worried about this whole situation. Yes, I'm taking the necessary precautions of keeping my distance from people, washing my hands regularly and wiping down any frequently-touched surfaces. And no, I'm not underestimating this disease or saying we shouldn't be worried about it at all. I'm fully aware of how bad it is.

But I'm also not running around screaming:

while It's The End Of The World As We Know It plays on repeat in my head. We've dealt with pandemics before, this one'll pass just like the others. I seriously doubt we're all gonna get wiped off the face of the Earth by the cold's butch older sister.

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Comments ( 3 )

That's a great attitude to have about all this. I'm trying to think the same way but it's difficult given that pretty much everywhere you turn someones spouting doom and gloom.

Regardless, hope your brother feels better and enjoy your impromptu staycation :twilightsmile:

Good attitude to have about all of this. Just gotta be sensible about this, and it should work itself out.

And I really hope that everything works out, especially in regard to your brother.

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