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Well That Was Fast · 8:22pm Mar 21st, 2020

Was it?

Was it really?

Not bad for a recycled story concept I had from years ago. I think the original concept was something akin to: "What's the most friggin' grim-dark title to make a desperate bid for the feature bar?" Only, I'm a coward, and I dun actually want to write about ponies being eviscerated slowly in a meat grinder. So the cop-out is a PG-rated slice of life situation where the characters are talking harmlessly about a fictitious story by the same name.

It's totally, totally cheating... but the results are way better, if you ask me.

In the meantime, just carrying on like everyone else. Maybe I'll lose some weight from all this. But probably not.

You know the drill.

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It was a funny fic to read and lol twilight being late and then finding a discarded paper was hilarious

Old skirts back in action with the blogs and the stories.

I'm proud.
~ Yr. Pal, B

One of the most annoying things about fimfic is that you can't really rely on the feature bar to show you anything good. So stuff from authors I want to read, such as you, tends to be the only story on the entire thing that's worth looking at.
I've had to do browse by new -porn and shit just to find stories that end up with a mature rating that aren't just smut.

The smut stuff should really have its own spot imo.

Funny! By the way, how did you put the screenshot in your blog? I can't figure out how to do it.

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