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Nine out of ten doctors agree -- a good book is the best cure for pandemics* · 4:25am March 21st

Coronavirus got you down? Locked in your house for the foreseeable future? Stuck gazing out the window at the COVID-zombies shambling through the deserted streets, wishing you'd paid attention when all those kooky right-wing radio talk show hosts were warning about the apocalypse and trying to sell you gold?

Maybe you wish you had a book about ponies to tide you over?

I've always been amazed by the incredible projects this fandom is capable of producing -- the bookstore at the final Bronycon last summer was an incredible example of what we can do as readers and writers, if we put our collective minds together. And I'm happy that one of my favorite stories has been selected for inclusion in this incredible book publishing project:

My hobby is writing, obviously. Avonder's passion is books, and I encourage you to check out what he's done with some of this fandom's other great stories. It's flattering as hell that Salvation has been chosen along with some by ShortSkirts, Eakin, Wanderer D, Arad, and others for this incredible treatment.

I mean, holy shit, look at this:

It has twenty-five illustrations like that. Twenty-five. The level of care being put into this print run goes beyond anything I've ever seen. And it's being paired with two great stories, including one by one of my earliest friends in this fandom, The Immortal Game by AestheticB. Here's the whole list, from Avonder's blog post:

Love is the greatest treasure.

An ancient enemy; a family secret;
a plot to overthrow the Princesses...

The ponykind’s old gods have returned.

So, what's all this going to cost? Well, it's not cheap, it turns out. But if you're like me and you're looking for a tangible, memorable piece of this fandom to put on your bookshelf, I don't think you'll be able to find a higher-quality book than these. I'll be getting a few copies for myself and as gifts, and I'll consider it a bargain for what it means to me.

And hey, the stories inside them are pretty good too.

* Not true at all for the love of god pay attention to real doctors not a pony writer from the internet they know what they're talking about

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Comments ( 13 )

I’m absolutely drooling over these goodies. 🖤

Ye gads, that's amazing! I'm so jealous.

9/10 gamers say doom eternal is the best cure

You're making it hard not to make a toilet paper joke

Okay, but I'm still waiting for that sequel to The Wind Thief.

Author Interviewer

can't read books, too busy reading fanfic :B

nine out of ten doctors agree

You know, whenever I hear this phrase I can't help but wonder which is more likely: that there's a superior but obscure treatment that only one out of ten doctors knows about, or that a complete imbecile had somehow obtained a medical degree.

...Actually, given what "doctor" actually means, there's also a chance that the one out of ten is the only one who's an actual medical doctor worth listening to. On the other hand, Doctor Oz, unlike Doctor Phil, is the right kind of doctor for the thing his show is about and he still manages to be a quack...

I dont suppose you guys do international shipping for these books?

Also a pity there are no Anthology of your short stories (those are my favorite).

Did the nine doctors beat the tenth to death in a Decimation? What did the tenth doctor know that caused him to be purged in such a manner? Did he have the coof?


You would have to ask Avonder about that -- I just write the words.

Actually will do. No joke, I took a break because salvation was so heavy and so good that I felt guilty reading it casually. Committed to reading it on a rainy day with a bottle of wine. It stopped raining the other day but guess what im buying tomorrow (hint not toilet paper)

I’m soooo jealous rn :P

Those are amazing covers. Looks better than 99% of published books I’ve seen.

9/10 doctors agree that the 10th doctor needs to chill out.

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