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ideas for the new generation · 9:11pm March 20th

ok idk if the gen 5 leaks are real, obviously pony life is real but who knows if theyre still gonna do that, but i dont rly like the gen 5 leaks that much. like why retell the same story with the same characters just changed up a bit? wh y not continue the story with twilights student she sent to ponyville, sort of boruto-esque continuation of the story where the original characters are still there but it focuses on the new generation of ponies like the young 6 and whatever friends twis new student has.

wouldnt this make sense after all the worldbuilding they did in friendship is magic? like, all sorts of species are apart of ponyville now, will the new gen reverse all that or just include it? wouldnt it make more sense continuation wise to stick w the same storyline instead of complicating it with a whole new gen of new characters?

and if they do decide to go with new characters why not make... entirely new characters? im just not on board with the idea of the mane 6 being reincarnated slightly differently in gen 5, like pinkie with wings or fluttershy as a unicorn.

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