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Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Final Season: Gone Without a Trace · 3:44pm March 20th

There is no path in front of you but the one you make for yourself...

Okay, so um... yeah. New story arc, focused on Ahsoka in the underworlds of Coruscant. Remember that scene in the trailers I'm sure a few of us made note of, the one with Ahsoka running alongside a wall with one hand on a bike? It happens here. Sadly, it's no badass battle scene. Instead, it's a slightly less -but still awesome moment- of her trying to keep falling beyond level 1313.

I did note, in a cute little piece of trivia that the bike used is a Joben T-85, aka the one Kanan would use a lot of in Rebels. Nice little call-forwards. Or call-back depending on your perspective. Oh, I do hope the Mandalore arc has cameos of a young Sabine and a young Dyn Jarren. Also, seeing Ahsoka as a badass biker chick in denim and jeans... Okay, yeah I want this now.

It's clearly obvious from the outset Ahsoka is very far from home and needs a little help to survive, although she's not completely helpless. In a neat little call-forwards to her solo novel which featured her as a mechanic for a brief period of time, Ahsoka does know her way around machines. For example, she identifies a load lifter droid as faulty, a decommissioned demo droid which had a problem of going rogue. You can thank Skyguy for that, and actually, in a rather adorable moment, she calls him her big brother. She doesn't say it's Skyguy, but we know who she means.

Not to say this is all about Ahsoka, there's the titular Trace and her sister who owe money to it seems just about every lowlife in the underworld. Trace is kinda sweet, even if she's rather jaded about the Jedi. Yeah, that'll definitely play a role later on. Not half bad in a fight either, though compared to Ahsoka... Trace has a dream of seeing the stars, even repairing what remains of a ship while her and her sister try to scrounge up enough money to live day by day. As it stands, I cannot wait to see how this goes forwards...

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