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I became a Brony in the summer of 2017, and I'm also obsessed with dinosaurs, science and friendship.

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The problem with The Predator · 2:59am March 19th

Hey, guys. Today, I'm going to talk about the Predator Franchise. The reason why I regarded the worst sequel in the Predator franchise is because the film had unoriginality compared to the sequels. It was directed by Shane Black and written by Black and Fred Dekker. In case if you haven't seen the original Predator, Shane Black played as Hawkins, the supporting character of the movie. Before I could talk about the fourth installment, let's talk about my opinions in these movies, including Alien vs Predator films.

  • Predator: This film was entertaining and also my favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger film. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a great actor along with his famous line 'get to the coppa'. I love the costume design of the Yautja from Stan Winston who was also the effects artist in the Jurassic series. This deserves a five out of five stars.
  • Predator 2: This film is okay. The characters were a bunch of stereotypes with the exception of the main protagonist, and some of the jokes didn't fit well in a predator film, but I'm a fan of the newer ideas of Predators also hunting their prey in cities during a heatwave and a terrorist attack, and I also love the new gadgets such as the smart disk, my all-time favorite Predator gadget. There's also a Xenomorph skull which give the fans ideas of an Alien and Predator crossover. This gives a three out of five stars.
  • Alien vs Predator: In my opinion, the film is pretty good. The special effects were better than the older movies, especially the Xenomorph Queen, I love the Xenomorph and Predator fight scenes, and I love the idea that Predators use pyramids to hunt Xenomorphs as a rite of passage. I also love the idea of human and Predator teaming up because we all know Predators aren't evil, they can only hunt dangerous prey for sport, and don't attempt to hurt innocent civilians. The problem I had is the setting. Back then, many fans were expecting a film that took place in the Alien Universe, but instead, they retconned the Xenomorph's origin, and made the setting of the film in the present day. I know the filmmakers said it isn't canon to the Alien and Predator universe, but it doesn't work out, and instead of rated R, the movie was rated PG-13, how disappointing. I'm not a fan of Paul W. S. Anderson's directing since he directed the Resident Evil film series, there's a lot of filler in the first half of the movie, most of the characters were bland, and the dialogue is too cheesy. This gives a four out of five stars.
  • Aliens vs Predator: Requiem: This movie is awful. Despite the great special effects and Wolf being an awesome Elite Predator despite his mistakes, the lighting is too dark, the deaths and gore are too disturbing, the characters were cardboard cutouts, the story is more of a Friday the 13th film rather than an Alien vs Predator film, the writing is atrocious, the acting is terrible, and even the ending is pointless. I know they made it to a rated R film, but the Brothers Strause's directing has gone too far, even when they made Skyline. This deserves a one out of five stars.
  • Predators: This is my favorite sequel in the Predator franchise. I love the idea of Predators transporting their prey on an alien planet as a game preserve. I know it's like the original, except it had new developments and ideas. I love the Super Predators, and I really love their designs with their vicious reptilian faces and low pitched roar. The action scenes and thrills were great, and the dark tone really fits a Predator film. The human characters were decent with a little bit of character development, but the CGI and animatronics were fantastic. This deserves a four out of five stars.

Now let's talk about The Predator. It's about two Predators, each having genetically upgraded themselves with DNA from other alien species, who were sent to Earth after a boy accidentally triggered their return to Earth, only a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers and an evolutionary biologist can prevent the end of the human race. Do you know what I was expecting before this film? There was a four-issue comic book called Predator: Bad Blood. The comic is about a wildly psychotic Predator who breaks the species' hunter code and is in turn hunted by another Predator. There's also a post-production photo of a Predator teaming up with humans, just like in Alien vs Predator. I just can't wait to see them fighting the Bad Blood... unfortunately, when I saw it in theaters, this isn't what I'm hoping for.

The movie completely screwed up the franchise. Why? Let's talk about the theme of the Predator franchise. The theme of the franchise is how the protagonist fights for survival against a foe more powerful than you can ever imagine, and Predator is the original theme; Predator 2: Conquering your fears while fighting a powerful foe, Alien vs Predator: sometimes, an enemy of your enemy is your ally, and Predators: even when you can't escape, you could still fight back. But The Predator... what exactly is it about? Friendship can fight a powerful enemy? Or autistic people can save lives? This movie doesn't feel like a Predator film, it feels like a generic alien invasion film. No sense of fighting for survival, and no sense of thrills. They are a lot of dumb moments, and the humor is completely pointless. The whole 'autism becoming the humans of the future' is just ridiculous. I mean, can you imagine what would happen if humans evolve into autistic people? Autism is a disorder, not an evolutionary path (and, no, there's no such thing as an evolutionary chain, only evolutionary web)! And autistic people who can easily read alien language and can lack into high tech feels more like a Steven King film rather than a Predator film. I mean, heck, I have Asperger's Syndrome, I couldn't read foreign language, and I don't know how computers work. It looks like Shane Black doesn't know how autism works. The characters in these movies have no development whatsoever and aren't important throughout the movie when they're killed off. The human villain is really pointless, even his death is wasted, and his troops are just generic mooks that keep getting killed off so easily even when they're elites.

Let's talk about the Predators. Most of the gadgets and technology in this film defied laws of physics compared to the previous films, and the cloaking ball is the worst because that tiny ball can magically turn you slightly invisible when activated. HOW DOES THAT WORK!? I know its alien technology, and I shouldn't bother to criticize, but come on! Advanced technology that defied the laws of physics in movies doesn't make us convincing it's 'realistic'. And how does that portable device on that wrist gauntlet control an enemy ship's technology and communication, and why? This is like Optimus Prime on Earth space bridging Megatron to his base with his wrist device. And for the Predator designs, the Fugitive Predator is supposed to be an Enforcer Predator, but instead, the filmmakers portray him as a fugitive. And he came to Earth to save humanity from his race, which we'll get to it later, which in fact he's a hypocrite when he ended up slaughtering Quinn McKenna's men for no apparent reason, and as he tried to escape from the lab, he ends up killing everyone that gets in his way including innocent civilians, instead of telling them to 'lower their weapons' with his mimicry. I know he's trying to defend himself, but if he really needs to save humanity, he shouldn't harm humans in cold blood! Now about the film's main antagonist, the Ultimate Predator. While the other predators were costumes and stand-ins, especially Super Predators, the Ultimate Predator is made purely out of CGI, and it sucks. I know they have to portray the Ultimate Predator with CGI to make him look big, but the Xenomorph Queen from Aliens is animatronic and it's awesome! But look at the Ultimate Predator, it's more faker than the Fugitive! In Predators, the Hell Hounds, also known as Predator Dogs, were portrayed as both CGI and practical effects, but in this movie, the Ultimate Predator, had no models, no practical effects, but just plain CGI. Jurassic World does have models and animatronics. And when these two meet up, this fight scene was terrible with laughable choreography.

0:42 You could've just aim at him with your laser sight first. 0:45 What are you doing? Use your smart disk, for crying out loud! 0:47 Yes, keep swinging your wrist blades, that'll keep him away from you. 0:48 I can't see what happened. The lighting is too dark. 0:57 Just use your plasma caster to force him to release you! It did work on a 2010 AVP video game! 0:59 Weak opponent throw. 1:29 If you want your device back, you could keep the Fugitive alive, and use him to find it, instead of killing him. 1:33 Isn't the Fugitive supposed to be the hero? What a waste! Also, why did you drop his skull? You could just bring it to your clan to prove your evidence!
In Predators, the Crucified Predator was risking his life fighting the Super Predator leader, Berserker, in order to buy time for the humans to escape, but in this movie, the filmmakers have the guts to kill off the Fugitive. And then, here's what the film jumped the shark: the Fugitive Predator was fused with human DNA while the Ultimate Predator's DNA was fused by the DNA of many alien species and he wants autism DNA to make him a 'perfect killing machine', the humans become the 'endangered species because of climate change' which is why Predators have to invade Earth, and the Predators want the DNA of humans and other alien species to become stronger... :flutterrage:THIS! IS! STUPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAID!!! It was stupid in Alien Covenant and it's even more stupid here! Despite as shown in original Alien where we assumed the Engineers created the Xenomorphs, but in actuality, the Xenomorphs were created by an android David with the hands of Black Goo and the DNA of human and Engineers. But The Predator wants to convince the audience that the Yautja can fuse their DNA with the DNA of other alien races!? Yeah, never mind the fact that it isn't part of the Code of Honor, and it makes more sense if the Fugitive and Ultimate Predator were both Bad Blood predators from the Bad Blood clan trying to take Earth as their base camp and planing to plot war against the Yautja race; the Fugitive Predator was a traitor of his clan who wanted to save his own race by stealing their gadget and give it to the natives of Earth they attempt to colonize, while the Ultimate Predator is just an assassin. However, the movie never explains it, and all it said was that Predators can invade planets after sport hunting. THAT'S NOT PART OF THE CODE OF HONOR, YOU IDIOTS! Predators don't invade planets, and they don't kill the innocent. They're not evil as seen in Predator 2, Alien vs Predator and Predators, they're just 'people'! In fact, not all Predators were trophy hunters, most are just civilians while others were military forces. Also, how are humans the 'endangered species' when they're only seven billions of us on this planet? Also, the Predators want the DNA of humans and other alien races to make them stronger? YOU ARE A RACE OF TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED ALIEN HUNTERS! You know how to build powerful weapons, gadgets, armor and ships! This is like humans making super soldiers with the DNA of an ape! Who does that!?

Let's talk about the ending. The three characters didn't die because of obvious plot armor. No seriously, the Ultimate Predator just killed a Fugitive within seconds, and yet he is unable to kill off three humans that are physically weaker than him? And I know the movie said the Ultimate Predator's natural armor as 'an exoskeleton under their skin' (which in fact exoskeletons don't have skin underneath them), but it's also Made of Iron when he can flush off bullets, explosives and flames until during the end of the climax where the characters ending up wounding him badly? Gee! It's like how people underestimated how powerful the Indominus Rex and Indoraptor were despite their hybridization, but they overestimated how powerful the Spinosaurus is when she killed the T-Rex within seconds in JP3?

Indominus Rex: :facehoof:Well, this is humiliating... I'm not talking about my defeat, I'm talking about the audiences turning against me.

Spinosaurus: Don't let the haters attack you with comments because back then, I'd got attack by hate comments.

And after before they could defeat the Ultimate Predator, get a load of this.

Quinn McKenna: What are you?

Ultimate Predator: What are you?

Quinn McKenna: Shut the f*** up. [shoots him]

Even the references from the previous films were completely forced. Why would you ask him what he is? You already know his species name, for crying out loud! Then we get a cliffhanger of a Predator Suit so we can get a sequel that nobody cares.

So they called it a 'Predator Killer' suit because it can destroy Predators with these giant shoulder-mounted plasma rifles that were too heavy to support the weight of the wearer? First of all, why would the Predators design that suit that could kill off their own species? This isn't part of the Code of Honor! Second, wasn't it supposed to be some sort of Yautja military suit? If it does, then why didn't the Fugitive just wear that to fight the Ultimate Predator in the first place? And instead of genetic modification, their clan could've just make more and more of these suits during their invasion plan! But, no, the filmmakers have the guts to make a sequel involving the protagonist of the film as the 'Doomguy' of Predator. You can't just turn a Predator movie into a cheesy action film instead of a science fiction thriller movie!

This movie is stupid for a Predator film. The characters were pointless, the plot was retconned, the story's full of holes, the writing is terrible, the Predator portrayals were insulting to the fans, and the idea of Predator hybridizing themselves to make them stronger is completely stupid! But to be fair, it wasn't as bad as Aliens vs Predator: Requiem. It had some entertaining moments, it has good acting, the effects were pretty good for the most part, and the gore is great.

This movie deserves a two out of five stars.

If you have seen this film, what are your thoughts and opinions? Let me know in the comments down below.

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im agreeing with your rant i mean at buckibg least thwy could have said they was after human DNA after the multiple instances of humans beating predators being able to hanfle there own against xenomorph swarms and survive killing a queen using interlect that would all be gokd vailid reasons to want our dna to improve there hunters against humans they find worthy to hunt and dont forget in predators the yakuza guy and one of the super predators died in a stalmate code of honor in a dual and even when skewed in the back a dying convict leaps onto a predators back and starts stabbing them thoese are traits they vaule

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