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How I Handled The End · 3:34pm Mar 17th, 2020

Not well. Not. Well. At. All!

This show had been with me since just before I started high school (see previous blog). Just the thought of these ponies always brought a smile to my face, especially during a lot of dark times in my life.

I actually put off watching the finale for a week because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to handle it. Eventually, I caved and watched Smurfvlogs' reaction to it just so I wouldn't have to watch it without some kind of support.

Personally, I liked how things ended. I was a little surprised at Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich getting together, but I can still believe it. I'm not an Appledash shipper, but I'm not opposed to it either. The only thing I wish would have happened was Spike and Rarity ending up together, but leaving it up in the air gives the audience a chance to reach their own conclusions.

I always did love the "passing of the torch" kind of ending and this ending did a great job of answering the question: "if you could go back in time and meet with your younger self, what would you tell them?" Seeing so much of Twilight in Luster gives me hope for the future of Equestria. That last nuzzle at the end brought these words to the front of my mind: I can only hope that you have as much fun on this adventure as I did.

When that last song ended and the book closed (I totally saw that coming by the way), I was crying my eyes out. So much so that I listened to Little Wonders by Rob Thomas just to get the tears out of my system!

Over the next few days, the last song would randomly get stuck in my head and I would either start to tear up or hyperventilate and fall to my knees in my apartment! I even had to cry myself to sleep for a while!

The only thing I can hope for now is that Gen. 5 will be just as good, if not better than Gen. 4. Just because the show's over, I'm not going anywhere!

I've definitely gotten better, but my heart still quivers a little whenever I hear that song...

Seriously, I haven't cried this hard at anything since I found out my grandmother died!

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It definitely was a tug in the heartstrings. The fact that Twilight's friends are middle-aged in that episode and she's going to outlive them makes it so bittersweet.

Also, I'm sorry to hear about your grandma.

Thank you for your condolences...

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