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Health and Time (Informal Poll) · 4:02am March 17th

I've been a mess for six months due to illness. :pinkiesick: No COVID-19 symptoms (yet), but I teach, so things are nuts.


Let's talk recovery and wolf plans.

I've had a hard time doing anything productive for a long time now. It's very frustrating. I also miss the Writeoffs, and this stupid cough will not leave me even after six months.

I may have a reprieve, however. Or the opposite of that, maybe an unprieve? It all depends on what "teaching from home" is going to require, and currently that is not clear. I have to find a way to teach my 113 students long-distance by the end of the week. The university is supporting us, but this kind of stuff is super-daunting when you're having difficulty doing basic day-to-day things.

Eventually I should get the hang of it, which means there are decent odds I'll have the time and motivation to produce content again in the near future. I can't say that for certain, though. Things could be worse before they're better. But we'll see.

Anyway, once I'm whole again (if that ever happens), I have a lot on my artistic plate. I'm going to name the projects that are near the front burner for me. If the name of something piques your fancy, let me know and I may try to put more effort into that one. I'm not ready to do an official Patreon poll yet, but I might in the near future, so for now just give me your impressions.

Fortune Favors the Shy: (E) short story, death, drama, set in canon-future, protagonist obvious

The Razor of Dreams: (T) long story, dark, drama, violence, set before Twi moves to Canterlot, starring many many characters but primarily Glimglam

Yona's Final Exam: (E) short interactive fiction, romance, slice of life, set in near future, protagonist obvious

Drama Queen: (T) multi-chapter (probably) short story, profanity, drug use, extremely personal, may never be able to finish this one

Twilight's Secret Journal: (M) finish this bitch

Geldings: (M) also finish this bitch

The Roleplaying Council of Friendship: (E) minific (probably), dark, slice of life, set in canon-future, characters obvious

Hidden a Gender: (T) minific (probably), comedy, sex, slice of life, Young Six (probably not on front burner soon)

Belly Rubs: (T) short story, dark, drama, sad, Flutters and Dash (probably not on front burner soon)

Mare-Faggot: (M) short story, extreme fetish, porn, kind of a sequel to that recent sissy story, starring eeyup

title not ready to be revealed: (T) novella, mystery, adventure, Ponk

The Two Rarities: (?) I've written two pages of this and have no idea what it is supposed to be because I have severe memory problems, but involves Rarity dealing with stress

True* Love: (?) same deal, but only one page here, seems to be the story of Carrot and Chiffon meeting or dating, no bucking idea

Exiting the Stage: (E) minific, dark, drama, sad, death, Trixie and Jack Pot, extremely personal so I don't know when I'll be able to hold it all together enough to write it

There are more, but those are the big ones at the moment. Thanks for your input! :pinkiehappy:

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title not ready to be revealed: (T) novella, mystery, adventure, Ponk

Ponk is best pone, so

I like the title “The Razor of dreams”. I’m on the student side of things, but I understand your frustration. Hope you feel better soon!

Drama Queen sounds good too.

Hope you feel better soon. :heart:

Hey Trixie. I'll post this in case anyone else might need it:

I have to find a way to teach my 113 students long-distance by the end of the week.

This might help you - it's at least worth a look, since it's free and it works, and I don't think there's a limit to the attendees. You would just need a PC (or smartphone) and some way to hear audio. I don't think video is required, but might be desired in your case.


Hope you're feeling better soon.

Good luck, Trixie!

And if it helps guide and motivate you, I find myself curious about The Roleplaying Council of Friendship, given the title and description.

... and have no idea what it is supposed to be because I have severe memory problems

What the...?

The Two Rarities
Not a vote for this story, but if it might serve the story, a better title might be: A Tail of Two Rarities.

Yona's Final Exam and Untitled Ponk Fic top the list for me. Best of luck with figuring out the remote class!

Author Interviewer

Razor of Dreams and Two Rarities sound intriguing. :)

Twilight's Secret Journal and Geldings.

Exiting the Stage and Drama Queen are the most intriguing, but I just want those too to finish first.

The process is already set up for me. I should have said, "I have to learn how to use the tools I have access to".

Yeah, it's been worse lately. Some of it is from the ECT a few years back but I think some is just the medications I'm on.

5222383 No problem. I'm just glad that you have a solution.

Damn, sucks to hear that you still got that cough. I really hope you do find what's up with that, honestly, you must be miserable. Anyway, do you think you could shed some light on what you plan to do with Irreversible? It's one of my favorite stories of yours so I'm curious if you ever plan on finishing it.

Yeah I don't envy teachers having to move entirely online. Not easy.

Hope you feel better Trick. :heart:

Ah, geez. It's a long way off, that one. I'll probably need to redo the whole thing substantially.

Yona's Final Exam sounds fun and possibly even non-scarring.

Best wishes. Hope you feel better soon!

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