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You wanna know another random thing I hate? · 9:28pm Mar 16th, 2020

People always going around saying “If you don’t cry at this, you have no heart.”

I mean like, one time me and my cousin (she’s 10-12 while I’m currently 16) watched the music video of Happier by Marshmello and Bastille and we both made it with (I kid you not) dry eyes.

So tell me, does that mean me and my cousin are heartless people? Of course not.

We all get emotional over certain things, just not always the same things. We’re all different, and we all have those things that make us tick.

Please don’t call us heartless people with no emotion though. :fluttershysad: We still have emotion, and we still show sympathy for those in need.

Okay, I’m done. Just needed to vent for a teeny bit. :twilightsheepish:

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Comments ( 42 )

You’ve seen it before?


Also, apparently, my crush will never fall in love with me lmao

If not crying makes you heartless, then I must be soulless

But you’re not soulless.

5221727 What I mean is, some of my family members have either passed on or abandoned us, pets have passed on as well, and many other tragedies, and yet...the only time I have ever cried was when I saw the ending of "A Dog's Purpose".

Sometimes I'm too good at masking my emotions.

Well, you’re still someone who has emotions. That’s what matters.

You've never seen that shit on some sort of Try Not To Laugh?

"If You Don't Laugh, Your Crush Will Fall In Love With You" or something like that.

That’s the weirdest title for a “Try Not To Laugh” video I’ve ever heard in my life.

Oh, I know.

Something about "Emotional Appeal" or some other junk I'm learning in English lol

5221736 You're right. Thanks. :twilightsmile:

I’m kinda like that. I’ll see something emotional and not feel any different. I’m seeing YouTube videos were it’s like “if you don’t cry, then you have no heart!” Even if I do feel emotion, I won’t even show it. I’m just at the part of life where nothing really effects me any more. I’ve been picked on my whole life and now it’s like, “okay sure, if you feel good about yourself then go ahead.”

Yep. I feel nothing.

Yes, those people get me so frustrated, of course I have a heart, it's just not everyone reacts at the same level of emotion for the same things. The same goes for people who go "If you don't laugh at this you're ___" or "If you don't get this reference you're not cool" anything along those lines.

Well, you’re not alone.

Okay, those are just plain mean -.-

I think I made it more appropriate for an introvert.

So, on an unrelated note, how’s Blue Fang doing?

I’m working on a side story. Spoiler: from the depths of their Hive in silence, cast their spells explosive violence. Changeling nighttime flight perfected, flawless vision, undetected

Besides that, I’m trying to work on Frontlines and Elemental! some more.

Yeah. I’m almost done with the side story so it might come out later today.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Fang Gang then!

Glad to see the enthusiasm!

Gosh, I hate those people.

I say we do something about them. :pinkiecrazy:

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