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I’m an Autistic-Conservative-Christian who loves to write, act, paint, and so much more, with so many ideas in my head it’s hard to make them stay put. I also have quite an unusual sense of humor.

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My Movie Review on Spider-Man (2002) · 3:19pm March 15th

Greetings, my friends.

This is your pleasant-as-always film, TV show, and episode reporter here with another review.

Today, for my 125th film analysis, I'm gonna give you guys my take of "Spider-Man". The version directed by Sam Raimi to be precise.

Here's the rundown of this film:

Peter Parker is an academically-gifted but socially inept high school student. Day after day, he is often considered a freak by the other students, with the exceptions of Mary Jane Watson, whom he has a crush on, and his best friend Harry Osborn, the son of Oscorp CEO Norman Osborn.

Peter's life, though, suddenly takes an unexpected turn when he's bitten by a genetically modified spider. His senses are heightened, he gains unimaginable strength, and he even gains an ability to climb multiple surfaces and spin webs.

Meanwhile, with the future of his company on the line, Norman Osborn tests an unstable enhancer on himself in a desperate attempt to save his company. However, the results of the test turn out to be extremely chaotic and he develops a second personality.

Each of these developments eventually drives Peter and Norman into a stage that can very well hold the future of them and New York city in their own hands. The only question is this:

Will they use their newfound gifts for good? Or for evil?

Having been wanting to analyze this film for quite some time, I really must say that I can see why this film is credited for renewing interest in the superhero genre:


For instance, the direction by Same Raimi, and the screenplay by David Koepp, were amazingly well-done. Including that Scott Rosenberg and Alvin Sargent made uncredited contributions to the script, of course.

In many ways, the film did feel pretty straightforward, and it seemed to contain a collection of plot pieces jumping from one to another. But yet, it hardly matters because everything tied together and was flawlessly driven by the characters to a tee. Raimi's ability to make the film an emotional, action-packed, unpredictable, and at times funny and witty experience was something that I found to be one of the best I had ever seen, and he did a terrific job at making everything evenly balanced too.

The visual effects were impressive as well. I had no idea that the stunt scenes with Spider-Man and the Green Goblin were done by green and blue screen, but apparently they were. Every moment Spider-Man was shooting webs to swing in the air and the Green Goblin used his glider seemed so real!

The music by Danny Elfman was magnificent, if I may add. I'm not sure how many films I've seen that he composed for, but the melodies he incorporated were cinematic on a completely emotional level, and the unique thing about it was that he appeared to use a variety of styles that helped the music sound fresh and different.

Finally, the acting, casting, characters, and character development were brilliant.

Peter Parker and Norman Osborn were definitely the characters whom I thought had the largest of developments. Every step of the way, I couldn't help but note how transformative Peter and Norman's growth as people were, especially as ones that were defined by choice. Plus, Tobey Maguire and Willem Dafoe portrayed their characters with astounding realism and flair, with witty dialogue to accompany them.

Additionally, Kirsten Dunst did a wonderful job portraying Mary Jane Watson, and the character herself developed nicely throughout the film. The same with James Franco and his character of Harry Osborn. And, while J. Jonah Jameson wasn't the most likable guy around, J.K. Simmons stole the show in every scene he was in and made something deeply fun out of the character.

In conclusion, Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" is an absolutely fun superhero treat that's worth watching, and it has everything a movie requires to make it a masterpiece.

So, I rate "Spider-Man (2002)" five out of five stars.

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Comments ( 26 )

Despite that I'm not a superhero fan, I love Sam Rami's Spider-Man trilogy.

Despite seeing it and liking it, it's not my favorite cup of tea, so to speak. There are much better things out there I'd rather watch.

I loved this movie for many reasons, William Dafoe being one of them.

This movie was my first introduction to Spider-man.

The movie that introduced me to Marvel as a kid.

My first introduction to Spider-Man was the PS1 game.

Ive always wanted to sock that stupid promoter of wrestling. he cheated peter out of his prize and then had the nerve to complain of robbery!

This is just my curious side speaking, but what is it about superhero films that you don’t like, exactly?

MCU and DC are so overrated.

Are there any superhero films outside of the MCU and DCEU that you do enjoy?

...but it wasn't a con.:applejackunsure:

Peter signed a contract for a timed match, and ended it early via total knockout. He broke the terms that he agreed to. But I can admit some bias on the subject since I firmly believe that if you're hired to do a job: then you do the job you agreed to do if you want to be paid. Speaking honestly: I wouldn't have paid him the full amount either. Even if I knew ahead of time that I was gonna get robbed.

So, what? He WON his match. He WON. Within the time limit. Honestly, the guy was being a total jerk. And even in your case, he should have been paid at least half. Not a measly 100$

I'll have to agree to disagree.

His contract didn't condition his payment by whether or not he won. He signed up to be in that area for a set amount of time.
By signing the contract, he agreed to provide entertainment for the audience for a certain amount of time. By ending the match early, he breached his contract. Getting 100 dollars after not doing the job he agreed to do is actually pretty generous.

If my client hires me to clean for two hours: I do two hours of work. If I run out of basics and have time left: I find things to do. I don't check out early on their dime.
I do this because I do not control the flow of money as the worker: the person who hired me does.
And I mean this as a fact about myself, not an attack against your principals: I'm a lot of things but a Communist isn't one of them.

Ok, i dont want to turn this into politics. but Communism was NOT what i was thinking of. Wrestling and cleaning are 2 very different things. Agree to disagree.
I side WHOLEHEARTEDLY with Peter.

For one who's seen this film in theaters I wholeheartedly agree with your review on it!


Ok, i dont want to turn this into politics.

That's fair, but this isn't about politics. We're disagreeing on positions about fair labor compensation, not systems of government. If I wanted to talk politics, I'd instead explain why you're view is Liberal.

Communism was NOT what i was thinking of.

Not intentionally perhaps, but saying that Peter should have just been given the full amount even though he did not do the job he agreed to do is something that leans heavily in that direction.

Wrestling and cleaning are 2 very different things.

They are very, very different jobs (and I for one am greatful that I have one I have and not the other. As the saying goes: no thank you, I choose life :twilightblush:) but are both still jobs.

Agree to disagree.

Agreed. I'll be withdrawing from the conversation.
Blessed be:twilightsmile:

Plenty, like The Incredibles.

Have you ever seen “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”?

On the contrary, DC's cinematic venture didn't go well. Their animated features however...

As an MCU supporter, I find that franchise quite overhyped, overshadowing the likes of others like X-Men.

And I've heard Tobey Maguire's rather anti-social, refusing to sign autographs.

I still don't understand why his fanboys overrate him as "Real Spiderman".

You know, I'm something of a Spider-Man fan myself. :)

This and it's sequel are some of the all-time greats of super-hero movies. You know you've hit gold when it spawns an entire meme sub-culture. I could quote these movies all day long.

I actually just got this one from my local library.

I haven't, but I'm not interested in seeing it.

Take your pick:

Pizza Time.
You serious?
He stole that guy's pizzas.


I have ears like a cat, and eyes like a rodent (makes rodent face)

Jameson's Laugh

Hey, don't push me!


However. Among the flaws I see in the trilogy is Tobey Maguire's portrayal of the web slinger; while he did all the web slinging and acrobatics, he did not have the witty humor he's known for. While his performance as Peter Parker is nailed down the hatch, as Spider-Man, he didn't feel like... Spider-Man.

And afterwards, Mary Jane became a generic damsel-in-distress. Their chemistry was quite poor here.

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