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    Reply to Review from Stinium_Ruide

    Overall, I am beyond impressed. Stinium_Ruide (can I call you Stinium for short? Or SR?) just but a heck of a lot of preparation and focused thought into his Review, and I just have to say…

    Wow! I am honored that you gave it so much time and effort, so I need to give you a humble thanks. Thank you so much!

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    Whoa! Editor dropped in!

    Heh. Thanks for all of the votes. To those who voted yes: Thanks for your confidence and enthusiasm.
    To those who voted no: Thanks for your honesty, realism, and patience.

    Now that Seriff has given it the once over, I can't just hit publish at the moment. I need to go through his suggestions---once done, I'll send it up live.

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    Publish next Amulet Chapter Y - or - N?

    Hello readers,

    I have a question for y'all, which of course was stated in the title of this blog, which is why you clicked and are reading this sentence.

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    Nervous... Just a bit

    Greetings readers and friends.

    Believe it or not, Chapter 17 is already ready... well, almost. Need a pre-reader or three.

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My daughter made a thing: Covid-19 #BeatCorona · 4:51am Mar 15th, 2020

She tagged numerous other artists on Deviant Art and is trying to raise awareness and have an impact. No need to be panicked, but there is good cause to be informed and vigilant. We live in Washington State, so things are going to be a little different around here for a while. I treat folks in a medical facility, so I have to watch and wash my hands... lots and lots...

There are some strong opinions out there about whether all of the closures are warranted... While those who are younger and healthy have little to fear, this disease must be slowed down so we don't overwhelm our medical system. Want to read up on an uninformed public and an overwhelmed medical system and see what resulted? Look up the Spanish Flu of 1918.

50 million victims? No thank you. We are #flatteningthecurve.

Keep it flat, folks! That is all.

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No more medical workers get infected, so a mask dose helps to avoid COVID. I choose not to let you listen to the American government, they have been lying about the mask and COVID-19.

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