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Autistic Writer

I am the Autistic Writer. I have Autism (Aspergers Syndrome), but that doesn't stop me from writing great stories.

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    Son of Eris on Fanfiction

    On April 12, 2014, i posted a story titled Groom of Eris on Fanfiction.

    Today 7/6/2020, i have posted the first chapter of it's sequel. Son of Eris. I hope you all enjoy it.


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    Update #300

    I've lost track of how many updates i've made but as part of my new years resolution was to be more productive. So, my update chapters and new story will be on Sunday. Friday, you will receive the names of those projects on my Blog. (Fimfic only). I can't promise it will make things up, but i promise to deliver them in a timely matter.

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    Old, Returning and Sort of Improved Update

    Hey everyone. I know it's been a while since you've heard from me. But, good news, i do plan on returning to Fimfic (I know i claimed that in the last couple of updates, but now i got my Shit in order, i am now coming back. i do plan to update weekly hopefully. I can't make too many promises, but i hope you stay with me as i update.

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ToonKritic Returns · 3:16am Mar 15th, 2020

For those people that don't know, Toonkriticy2k used to be a member of the Brony fandom. A few years ago, he had been revealed to be ERPing (Erotic Role Play) with minors, and other heinous acts. Patchwork Heart recently uploaded a video that i highly recommend you watch. Their video is very informative on why this creep shouldn't be online.

Do not engage with him, do not talk to him. He is a despicable human being. I ask that you spread the word around. This man doesn't deserve to be online.

I hope everyone has a wonderful night.

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Comments ( 6 )

He shouldn't have been able to even access a computer after what he did

Sadly, he's been trying to weasel his way back into fame doesn't surprise me.

Why? He's famous enough as it is.

Unfortunately, there are people out in the world who have, still and will do evil things. The best thing is to avoid him at all costs.

He's a manipulator who will try at nothing to reclaim the fame he has lost.

Best advice i can offer is to keep away from him.

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