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Canterlot's donut making, coffee slinging nox pony, amongst other OCs. As well as writing the occasional, he proofreads and edits them as Gavin the griffon and calls the STL area home.

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Coffee is evil.... · 12:07am March 14th

Ok, got this pic from Jowy Bean. Set in my Third Choice universe, we see one of Princess Luna's seasonal coffee ads for Revelation Coffee. During Starlight's unexpected ascension, she was introduced to a strong brew from Revelation Coffee by the name of Luna's Hate. Rather than being angry, she called the owner of Revelation Coffee before her, and complimented him on his product, although she suggested instead the name Luna's Lament. She did however ask if a stronger brew might be possible, and thus was born the seasonal brew Nightmare's Bane.

While she did do ads every year for Revelation, this is the big one. To her surprise one night, a pony showed up with a copy of the ad for her to autograph. With his help, she turned a small ballroom into a place to hold court with her fans... Her friends, furnished with random items from the castle's stock of old furnishings. She does do official business there at times, but mostly she just hangs out with her fans, once again supporting writers, artists, musicians and many other artists like she did in the old days.

Oh, and one other thing of note, seeing this ad, Celestia realized something, all this time that Luna said that she was struggling with the modern vernacular and culture, she might've been exaggerating her difficulties a wee bit.

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