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Star Wars the Clone Wars: The Final Season: Unfinished Business · 4:38pm March 13th

The battle of Anaxes comes to an end...

End of the first arc really, and I have thoughts on this arc really. Started off kinda 'eh' with the Bad Batch and their action movie cliches. But they've slowly grown on me. Yeah, they're stereotypes you'd find in every CoD game but they're fun stereotypes. Wrecker's the big guy. Tech's the, well... Tech. Crosshair is the sniper/trick shot and Hunter is Rambo.

Yeah, they're corny but they're the fun kind. For example, Wrecker loves a big boom and when he's given a chance to blow an entire ship he cries and calls it the happiest day of his life. Crosshairs sets up a series of mirrors and with one shot takes down an entire squad of droids.

This episode does bring things to a definite conclusion and has some good moments. A contest of who can wreck the most droids between Wrecker and Crosshairs. Mace Windu giving an entire speech of how he's destroyed 100,000 type one battle droids and that they'd best surrender to be peacefully programed. This fails, of course, leading Obi-Wan to dryly comment; "Well, it was worth a shot."

Also, Jesse returns via cameo and is now an ARC Trooper. My problem with the episode is at the end, Echo finally gets some characterization and decides to join the Bad Batch. Problem is, there's been no internal conflict with him throughout the arc and so what's supposed to be a bittersweet moment has no real weight to it.

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