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Because I don’t have a Livejournal anymore ... · 3:29am March 13th

Heck, who even remembers LiveJournal? I’m old.

Anyway, I’m in an odd place right now. For multiple reasons. The most pony adjacent of which is the fact that I’d been vaguely considering attending EFNW this year, but that seems unlikely now. I mean things might settle down by August? But at the same time they might not. Lucky thing is, I haven’t spent any money on reservations yet, so it’s not like I’m out the money.

And on top of that, I started a new job in January. Paid training! Neat benefits! More money (eventually).

... said job is with an airline. Yeeeah.

Now, I’m in no danger of living under a bridge (unless I want to ‘cause it’s a nice bridge) and I’m lucky enough to have other skills/certifications to fall back on. It’s just a pain to see the writing on the wall and just have to ... wait. Huh.

Uncertainty is a pain. I just feel kinda aimless— I like having a big trip or adventure to look forward to, and right now ... I don’t. Heck, a friend of mine even had to cancel his big wedding party due to travel restrictions.

So who knows, if everything is doomed, maybe I’ll just wind up writing more fanfic as a distraction. Cheaper than therapy, right?

I’ll be fine in the long run. Always have been.

Just wash your damn hands already.

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Comments ( 3 )

BABSCon is still happening.

Heck, who even remembers LiveJournal?

I do.
I still have one, in fact.
I sometimes forget it, but I still have it.

I’m old.

Tumble, tell you what: When you hit 63 (which is my actual age), you can call yourself old.

More Flash Sentry would be awesome. But I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with your new job. Good luck.

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