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This is getting somewhat concerning · 10:36pm March 11th

Right. As of 3 hours ago, Denmark is officially in lockdown and I'm being sent home for two weeks.

Our case numbers jumped from 35 on Monday to over 500 today. Schools, universities, etc. closed from tomorrow and bars and restaurants from next Monday. But damn am I happy the government is following their scientific advisers - maybe we'll not end up like Italy. Hopefully.


Now how to survive with three bored kids for at least two weeks, but probably longer...

But maybe I'll get to write something again, after I kinda hit a brick wall of stress before Christmas.
Good thing I strategically stocked up the pantry over the course of last week, because tomorrow, supermarkets are going to be like...


Really. Don't be like that. :b
And why is it always bog roll?

Anyway, just felt the need to put this out there.
Take care everybody.

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Yikes. Stay safe.

(I'm almost jealous. The governor declared a state of emergency yesterday, but I'm still expected at work.)

Stay safe, and with the three cooped-up kids, endeavour to stay sane as well.

Still working and travelling as normal in Scotland, but I suspect the days where I'm asked to work from home aren't far off.

Author Interviewer

the government is following their scientific advisers

I wish I knew what that was like. :|

That's...worrying :twilightoops:

Be safe man.

Thank you, and you too. At least the governor appears to take it seriously then.


endeavour to stay sane as well

That might end up being the bigger challenge ;)
Don't you have a remote cottage at your disposal? That would appear perfect. Might also mean some horsewords from you, if past experience is any guide. :raritywink:


I wish I knew what that was like

You have no idea how positively surprised I was. Hope all goes well for you. Be safe.

Thanks. Yeah, having a history of respiratory ailments I'm suddenly quite happy to be stranded in a boring little village in the absolute middle of nowhere and having the option to work from home.

Australia seems to be edging towards lockdown as well, although our distance from everyone is helping.

Yep, remoteness suddenly got even more appeal ;)
Hope everything goes well for you as well.

Fleeing for the croft away from civilisation's definitely looking increasingly tempting. Publishing new horsewords also. :raritywink:

You do that. Seriously.

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