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Help! My Heart is Full of Pony! - Stare Master · 6:34pm Mar 11th, 2020

I just rewatched the Stare Master. In this episode, Twilight straight up gets turned to stone by a cockatrice. Think about that for a minute.

Twilight Sparkle has done combat with Evil Moon Horse; the Lord of Chaos; a shadow dude who had once enslaved an entire empire; a centaur demon turbocharged with magic stolen from literally everypony in Equestria (including the princesses and Discord); the Pony of bucking Shadows; and three villains who were hopped up on magic stolen from Grogar's Bell.

The most physical harm ever to come to Twilight Sparkle in any of her adventures was inflicted on her by a Chickensnake.



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Comments ( 4 )

Twilight is afraid of snakes.
Celestia is afraid of chickens.
A cockatrice was the biggest threat to Equestria's bright and glorious future.

Coincidence? I think not.

At least it wasn't quesadillas. They're so...cheesy.

Yet again, thank you for showing me an aspect of the show I hadn't seen. :D

I remember discussing this when I first watched this episode, that was in the first half of December 2012. (wow that's 7~ish years ago now..)
At this time about half of season 3 has been released and I had just binged all that had been released. "wtf" was said a lot, mainly because as you said, Twilight has faced x y z, but a cockatrice beated her. "wha...??"

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