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Getting down with the sickness! · 3:54pm Mar 11th, 2020

Hello and good morning every creature!

I, ToMahk, live in the U.S.A. and more importantly, the state of Washington. Incase some of you do not know what that means, it means that I am right in the middle of the American Chrona Virus Outbreak, I am unsure just how long I will be able to use the internet before it is shut down too over here. I know that the European country of Italy has shut itself down in an attempt to slow the C.V. and my state will most likely be doing the same. If you do not hear from me do not worry too much.

May Lunas light guide you in these dark times.

Best pony is Luna!

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Same here, though my sister and her husband have come into contact with at least 3 people who were later confirmed to have it.

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