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  • 61 weeks
    Man Cannot Keep It Going Forever

    There comes a time in a story's life when it's time to stop and say "The End", and I think for Man Cannot Live On Coffee Alone, I'm there.

    Spoilers ahead, obviously, for Man Cannot Live On Coffee Alone. And before you think it: no, I'm not quitting or leaving, lol

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  • 62 weeks
    30,000 words later...

    I did it!

    It's done. The Festival of Friendship Arc for Man Cannot Live On Coffee Alone is done! I'm so happy to have it finally complete. It was a massive undertaking in the best and worst sort of way. It took me a bit of work to shake the rust off, and Chapter 9c might get a touch-up, but for now, with Chapter 9d complete and feeling back to full form, I'm happy to say that it's done.

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    Yeah, I KNOW what I said!

    Title says it all. Yes, I still don't know if I'm going to finish this beast. This arc gives me headaches for many reasons. But... well, when the inspiration strikes, sometimes you just gotta run with it.

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    Yeah, I know what I said.

    The author's note in the chapter says it all, but hell with it.

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    Update and Cleaning Up my Userpage!

    Hey Fimfic, long time no see. Hope you all are well!

    Rarity pic, in keeping with tradition!

    I'm doing quite good. I'm a full-time teacher these days, and that eats up a lot of my time. Between that, editing work, a healthy long-distance relationship, and D&D, I'm quite busy.

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A 1000 chapter story ends today! (The Olden World) · 9:43am Mar 11th, 2020

Hey guys!

So, for those of you that like long-form fics, we're having a bit of a momentous occasion happening. The feature box, every day for 999 days, has had an update to a cool story called The Olden World, by my good friend Czar. He's been working at this thing for 999 days, a chapter every single day! It just crossed the 2 million word threshold, if an update a day for 999 days wasn't cool enough for you.

Anyway, I highly encourage everyone to check it out now that it is finally finishing. It's a great adventure fic detailing fantastical regions beyond Equestria, following an adorable filly Starlight Glimmer. I highly recommend it. Moreover, I wanted to congratulate Czar on his achievement. It's rare to see such an epic written undertaking to completion. So many of them falter or fall short, but Czar has delivered. I can't wait to see what he writes next.

As for me! Well, my writing is coming along slower than I'd like, but it is progressing. I've been working more on my Big Writing Project, which hopefully will see the light of day soon. I want a decent backlog of writing on it before I start posting, so potentially one more chapter of work before I feel ready to debut it. I'm really excited about it. Man Cannot Live On Coffee Alone is also progressing, but slowly. The interlude chapter had some minor complications, so I've had to rewrite a chunk of it, but I'm back on track and hopefull will have that done within a week or so, so look out for that when it drops! Should be fun.

That's all from me, so until next time, I hope you all are doing well. Wash your hands! Use soap!

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I accidentally had caps lock on but it seemed appropriate

I've been following a different multimegaword story, but I'll definitely have to give this one a look. Congrats, 5217988!

Starlight Glimmer trots West.

and what story would that be?

>almost two million words
That GM Blackjack sure is a mad lad.

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