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The plunge · 9:46am Mar 9th, 2020

New story out:

TAll The Little Rings
Rarity is in the grips of an existential depression when Twilight comes calling... Love sprouts in the gloom.
Nines · 27k words  ·  77  7 · 969 views

Second update is already posted... though I've encountered an irksome problem.

I was planning on releasing All The Little Rings with serial updates, both to give me time to perfect the ending, and also to improve the story's visibility by keeping it on the front page. However, before I submitted the story, I had made the mistake of hitting "publish" on some of the chapters. I unpublished them before submission, but it seems that once a chapter is "published" at all, even if it's before the story is submitted, that means that when that particular chapter goes live, it will not launch the story up on the front page.

So half the reason I'm doing daily updates has now been ruined. Kind of. There's still two updates that I never hit "publish" on, but I'm wondering if I should just release the next chapter I prematurely published immediately. Though, it would be nice to hold off on the final chapter and epilogue, and I kind of feel weird about leaving a gap.

I don't know... do you guys mind if there's a gap between updates? Or do you appreciate having something to look forward to every day?

If more than one person asks, I'll just rush the next update out a little earlier.

EDIT: Oh! It occurred to me this may also screw with people attempting to track updates. Just a heads up. It should only matter for the next chapter, but still.

Report Nines · 129 views · Story: All The Little Rings · #new story #writing
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Comments ( 2 )

I don't mind waiting for new chapters. I guess it really just depends on what works best for you and this particular story.

Noted, thanks! I guess the one thing that needs the most polish is the epilogue. That's what I may need an extra day or two for, but we'll see.

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