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  • 43 weeks
    Releasing Amulet Chapter 16 tomorrow

    Once again, Seriff Pilcrow proved to be a gentleman, and a scholar.

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  • 44 weeks
    While we're waiting... Sisters' School?

    My Pre-reader prime/editor-in-chief (not that he want me to call him my editor, but in reality, he is the closest thing I have to one...)

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  • 46 weeks
    Ah. Busy week, but finished it.

    Now, for my pre-reading group.

    That timing might hinge on a friend of mine's getting his combed through first (he got it out there before I did). If we are all fast, this should hit next weekend. If it takes longer (it might, depends on others) it may take a little longer. Just know that it is done and just has to be quality checked before release. In the meantime, have a comic.

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    Amulet in two weeks... (finally)

    Well. I've been sitting on this already written-but-as-yet-not-polished chapter for a while now. Every intention of getting to it, but life has had other ideas 'n' stuff. Still plan on finishing the darn thing... Hope to accelerate. Tillie-TMB is gonna graduate HS this year, and I've gotta crank this out before she takes off.

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    Amulet of Shades Artist Posts Commission Sheet!

    Yep. You heard that right. You heard it here first, folks.

    My daughter has decided it's time to try to make some money. She is watching her older sister try to handle 13 credit hours of demanding college studies plus 20-30 hour work weeks at Walmart, and she is realizing it's time to start saving up. So, she is opening herself up to commissions.

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Fluttershy's Iron Will, next chapter up in a little bit here · 6:17pm Mar 8th, 2020

I have to say, this story has been rather fun so far. Early feed back from a few is that I should write more romantic genre stories... We'll see.
So here is the original story link, coming in at 4196 words for chapter one. Chapter two will tip the scales at about 5600 words or so.

While I have y'all here, I'm going to post the next comic page...

Original location is over on Tillie's deviant art page, of course. Here--> Tillie-TMB

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