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Star Wars The Clone Wars The Final Season: On the Wings of Keeradaks · 5:38pm March 6th

"Oh great, it's going to be another one of those planets."

Let it be said, I'm more often than not, generally very divided on the whole local native alien tribe focused episodes. Okay, so yeah they remind us of what the Clones and the Jedi are fighting for, but on the other hand if executed wrong... Well, the gungans anyone? No no, wait the gungans got a good episode here, so... Gah. I can't even mock them anymore! To be honest, I do love the new techno union droids. They've got a good mix of animalistic and steampunk aesthetics going for them. Seriously, fiber optic wings!

That said, back to the whole wacky wayside tribe bit. The problem is, they only really come into focus in the last ten minutes or so of the episode, past the halfway point. That is an issue as we really don't get to learn a lot about them. We don't know why they're opposed to the war or anything. The first half of the episode meanwhile is focused on escaping from the techno union base, and I will be honest I enjoyed that part more than the second half of the episode. This episode honestly felt like it didn't know what it wanted to be and that is a problem. Also, I will note for except for one moment at the end of the episode, well Echo didn't seem all that put off by his new cybernetics. Maybe he was on an adrenaline high or something, and next time we'll get more attention given to Echo. You know, the main driving part of the plot?

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Comments ( 3 )

I saw it as moreso, well, dude is just glad to be alive and out of the hellhole he was in for ages

I still find it odd Echo's just gotten very little focus wise despite being a major part of the plot here.

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