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  • 30 weeks

    Hello to my loyal fans. I know some of you are wondering what has happened and I think its time I explained.

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  • 79 weeks
    Fanbase survery

    hey everybody. So recently I've been having a lot of different ideas, but I'm not sure if you want them. The reason being that they are all anime based and i don't know if ya'll like that. So, I decided to post here some of the basic ideas and see which ya'll would like.

    Idea one: My little Pony Tsunotori

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    Update and Question for the Fans

    Hey everyone,

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  • 82 weeks
    On the Future of H-44

    Hey everyone its Sanguine Blade,

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  • 86 weeks
    Question for future stuff

    Do you want a with a hero main character or a villain main character?Option c is Anti hero/Vigilante

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Status · 6:02am Mar 6th, 2020

Hey Guys Still Alive and Well just VERY BUSY and so I'm sorry for the lack of content but life is very stressful in college. Hope you undertsand


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It's fine bud, take care of yourself first and whenever you want you can come back to writing, hope ya have a good day

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