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Revisions and Reminiscence - Chapters 1 and 2 · 5:59am Mar 6th, 2020

Note to my future self for when he reads this:

As predicted, Chapter 1 of EG:BFF didn't require too much tweaking, and I'm still rather proud of everything it accomplishes. I especially like how it avoids some of the pitfalls common to this sort of storytelling. There's no generic opening, it establishes the primary plot, it gives time to secondary characters, and it treats everyone with a certain level of consistency. Considering that the introductory chapter is not only a first impression of the overall story, but also of the writer's own style and narrative quirks, I'd say Among Orchards achieves exactly what I needed it to.

Chapter 2, on the other hand...well, I like it more now that I've finished the sweeping revisions.

The chief issue I have with Among High-Rises is how it's flashbacks are structured.
Usually, flashbacks are most effective if A) the thematic mood of each time-period is consistent and juxtaposes with each other (AKA: happy past, sad present), or B) events in one time-period directly influence what's happening in another (AKA: I shot an innocent guy in the past, I'm bitter and hesitant to fire a gun now).
Neither of these things are present enough in Chapter 2, especially since the whole thing starts off at roughly the middle of Rarity's vacation. There's nothing wrong with utilizing in medias res, but the problem with the initial version of Chapter 2 is that each of its segments feels largely disconnected from one another.

Despite the fact that it pretty much just involves 2 time-periods, the constant jumping between segments, the fact that every segment has a different mood, and the way every segment kind of stands on it own just made it really hard to follow on the whole. To put it another way, rather than have a successful flashback model that spans two periods (1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2), Among High-Rises is just a single period stretched out, chopped, and mixed up (4, 1, 5, 2, 6, 3, 7).

Sadly, there's no real way to fix this without doing a complete rewrite, and as I'm sure my future self will understand: I am beyond too lazy to invest in that kind of effort and frustration. As a compromise, the revisions I've made are more geared toward better connecting the segments, and emphasizing how certain ones are the contents of Rarity's reminiscence. Hopefully, this will at least make Chapter 2 a bit more palatable and easy to follow.

Anyway, this ought to be enough for me to reflect upon for a future psyche evaluation. Thankfully, Chapter 3 shouldn't require anywhere near as much tuning.

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