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Just some leftover detritus of a fandom that long ago reached its peak and burned out. Still, better late than never.

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Sweeping Edits · 12:52am Mar 4th, 2020

Not quite sure who, if anyone, will read this (especially considering it's literally my first blog post ever). Still, I figure it's good to chronicle these sort of things for personal posterity, if nothing else. Also, I'd like to be able to look back on the development of my story in greater detail over time.

With 6 chapters done, I've decided to go through and do a sweeping edit of EG:BFF I (Love) as a whole. I don't intend to alter any plot points, or even most of the dialogue, actions, or descriptions; however, I am hoping to correct the occasional grammatical error, and expand upon/trim things down to improve readability and general flow.

I don't anticipate many changes being made to Chapters 1 or 2 (because the first still feels pretty solid, while the second is too wobbly to screw with much). Chapter 3 will probably go largely unscathed (still believe that's my best work), but 4 and 5 I think could be stretched out a bit so as to address some rushed and possibly jarring shifts in tone. Finally, Chapter 6 is too new for me to approach without much bias, so it will likely escape this round through the chopping block.

One way or another, I hope this sweep will at least help to hone my editing in future chapters—maybe I'll be able to write them without going through 5 frustrating drafts at a time.

Oh yes, and while these adjustments were already made a while ago, all credit given to Masterius for helping me to improve Chapter 1, and whose suggestions have allowed me to better streamline the writing of future chapters.

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