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    I'm bad at drawing. But I really do want to get better. SO I'm going to start a tumbler. It's going to suck so you know. I can create stories easily, it's the way my mind is made. I also have these picture's in my head. But, unfortunately, I have ADHD. I'm not going to blame it all on this but it does give me very unsteady hands. So I want to ask you guys. What should my Tumbler be? I want it to

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    Come watch me play a video game I suck at


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    Xbox games

    I need people to play apex or Rainbow six on Xbox. If you're down pm me

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    Sneak peak

    Okay perverts here it is

    You hear the crowd howl with laughter and applaud you. You quickly turn to see the two men staring at you as the icy grip of fear slowly seeps into there soul as they realize what’s happening. They’re fighting the blue spirit of the arena. They look at each other and shakily nod their heads. Having made a silent alliance they start to circle around you. 

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    Hey pinkie What's that noise

    Why does this always happen to me

    Because you live here

    Yeah but like, a tails doll

    Yeah is there a problem with that

    Aren't you a little old for dolls

    Two days later

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Ponies can be cruel sneak peak · 6:18pm March 3rd

As you walk down the worn old dirt road that leads to the small shack you call home you hear a footstep or hoof step you guess. As you look back you smile as you see a small pegasus with a pink mane and tail. The timid pony walks up next to you and smiles up at you. As you smile back at her you remember when you had first met.

As the blood drained from your body you could hear the loud beeps of the heart monitor as you were rushed into the hospital room. You can see that there’s a doctor screaming orders at the rest of the staff. You can’t feel anything except the radiating heat coming from your chest. What you see would have made you hurl if you had not been so tired.

In the middle of your chest, a bullet hole had pierced you. It is at this moment you realize what had happened. When you had saved that woman who was being assaulted you had seen the chamber of the gun as the small bullet slid out of the chamber. It was a 44 magnum. Your brother had one when you were growing up. 

But against all odds, the bullet had missed your heart. But this didn’t mean you had escaped unscathed from the encounter. The bullet had punctured one of your lungs, leaving you in a critical state. The women had then called the ambulance and performed CPR. You felt two of your ribs break as the women pumped your chest.

Then your memory was fuzzy as if someone had tampered with your mind. But the next thing you remember is waking up on the forest floor. The smell of pine and leaves stung your nose as you pulled yourself from the ground. That’s when you felt a tremendous pain in your shoulder. As you look down you find a giant hole in your shoulder, the white shirt your wearing now beginning to turn the same color as your shoulder.

You cursed aloud as you stood up and looked around. Your brother had been a celebrated survivalist and had taught you about how to survive. As you look around you find a small bushel of ginseng. As you push through the radiating pain in your shoulder you manage to pluck a couple of the life-saving leaves from the stems. 

As you apply the medicine you had crafted from ginseng and a couple other medical herbs you found in the forest area around you. You then heard a small cry coming from the south. Being the kind caring soul you are you charged towards the sound of fear. Bushing past the plants and brush you run, only the sound of crying and fear to guide you. As you emerge from the forest you see a small pony. 

You look at the small pony and hear the sound of fear being emitted from her small muzzle. Not thinking you swipe her up into your arms and pull her into a hug. You stroke her soft mane as she yelps. Your only response is shushing the small one and continuing to pet her. It takes a minute but she returns the hug and stops crying. You look down at the small pony and realize something

You stand there startled by the small creature in your arms as she lays there you start to make your strokes downward towards her wings. As you reach them you stroke one of them. As you do you hear a small eep from the pony in your arms.

“Oh my gosh. Did I hurt you, little thing?” You say looking at the small pony. She just looks at you blushing (I didn’t even know a pony could do that) and shakes her head. “N-no” 

You sit there a minute before shrieking in a very Manley voice and fainting.

Thank you guys/gals for all your support and enthusiasm for this story. I can't think you enough for helping me pass 50 followers. I love each and every one of you. If you ever need someone to talk to you can always pm me

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Pretty cool! YES, more of that juicy backstory!

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