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I write stories because I enjoy them. I want to do better and am willing to take any advice to improve.

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    I hope you are all having a wonderful start to December. I've got plenty of fun for you this month. From a new one shot going up today, to three chapters, yes three from three different stories. Both, Journey To Hearth's Warming, Hoodwinked, and Stuck in Place are getting updates. I've got some big-time news at the bottom to talk about. I'm going to be pretty busy this month so unfortunately, any

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    Hello everypony and welcome to a classic time for November. I more chapters for Journey To Hearth's Warming and Hoodwinked planned out. Now I did say if Stuck in Place did well enough I would do more with it and that idea hasn't changed. It surprised me that random one-shot got so close to being on the feature list so I will gladly continue it but not this month. Instead, expect an update for

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    October Monthly Schedule

    Sorry for coming out with this so late. This month is already starting off very harsh on me. I have been nonstop busy since day one with all kinds of work. Unfortunately, only some of this work effects this site. For now, I have the next chapter of Journey To Hearth's Warming almost finished. And am working on a new big story for this site. I can't tell you too much on the new story only that it

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    Well, I finally did it. I posted a stupid sex fueled comedy

    Everything bad about this site, from horrible comedy to sex to gore. All of it stuffed into the disgusting package. That's surprising getting a lot of traffic in its short time online. Head of to the story and give it some love, some comments, and some likes. Right now it's simply a one shot, but I might expand on it if rating go well.

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    September Monthly Schedule / New Chapters / New Original Stuff / New Story

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March Schedule / Journey To Hearth's Warming and Tidbits Return / Updates on the Friendship Lost Series / Surprise Art · 5:11pm Mar 2nd, 2020

There is so much to tell you today, and so much that will be happening this month. First off, I will be posting a new chapter to Journey To Hearth's Warming this month, as well as, a new Hearth's Warming Tidbit. This blog will also contain updates to the new Friendship Lost Series of short and long stories that already has two stories posted and more coming, that will be under the schedule. Also, I'm showing off an art piece that I commissioned in secret, based on my original story, Letter of Hope, that will be shown off at the bottom along with extra details there. Either way, this month is going to be packed.


Wednesday, March 11th - Hearth's Warming Tidbit 15: Unity Between Unicorns and Alicorns

Wednesday, March 18th - Friendship Lost Series - Branching Paths of Friendship - Chapter 1: Once Upon A Time... In Occupied Equestria

Wednesday, March 25th - Journey To Hearth's Warming - Episode 15: The Bloodiest Battle

Tuesday, March 31st - Elitists Friendships - One Shot


Now as you saw, the Friendship Lost Series will be continuing this month with two new stories, another long story, and a one-shot. I decided since the voting was already pretty onesided I would go ahead and give the fans what they want and plus I've already got my co-writer loving the idea of Branching Paths way too much. If you haven't read the list of details in the previous blog that covered the Friendship Lost Series know that Branching Paths is inspired by Inglorious Bastard and I went full Quinten Tarantino on this piece. It's easily going to my most nsfw piece yet, so be ready for anything and everything.

Branching Paths of Friendships will be about...

While Equestria is suffering under occupation and Cloudsdale suffers attacks on daily, four forces come to clash for power, land, and lives. On the ground, Big Mac and his Red Jackasses lay down a bloody path against the King's weakest links. In the sky, Sky Stinger in Wonderbolts fights a seemingly losing battle. In the middle of all this, Vapor Trail suffering from body trauma and PTSD search for vengeance against the stallion who butchered her family; Bucket Birch former spa worker turned fearsome and bloody general of the King's army, otherwise known as the Wing Collector.


As for Elitist Friendship, it's will be just a gory black comedy featuring the most elitist assholes of MLP getting ripped apart. No, I'm serious, it will simply be gory comedy fun.


Now, finally the best kind of news for me. Presenting a secret commission I ordered back during Christmas. Now any of you that kept up with my DeviantArt page already has seen this since I featured it in my front page. Either way, here it is...


Made by the incredible, and talented, V-Mordecai. As always they deliver a great job and this hits me more than other commission since they had so much fun and it was a piece based on something original. The Letter of Hope is a story I've worked so hard on. I might not post chapters on it constantly, but I do try my best to bring the best when new chapters do go up. I would like to now thank everyone for the love and support for this story. I'm glad it brings you joy, just knowing makes things all the better.

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