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re: lost · 6:58am Mar 2nd, 2020

Hi, all. Just a follow-up post to my last blog.

(oooh, and check out this cute commission I had done of my OC, Eerie Lantern!)

I'm doing a little better. Thanks again to those who reached out, it really helped. My depression didn't "go away" after that, but I also have non-pony stuff that's been weighing me down. When my work week ended and I had a chance to rest and relax, that's when my mood noticeably picked up.

As for taking a break from fanfiction writing... I think I'm going to try this compromise: At least once a week I will focus on my original work only. Otherwise, I'm just going to follow my heart. If my heart says PONE, so be it. But for one day every week I'm going to try and be all business about achieving my publishing goals.

The truth is, I still enjoy writing horse words, even if sometimes the response that I get isn't at all what I hoped. Writing fanfiction really helps me to destress. The sharing is what stresses me out, but avoidance =/= a solution for that. I'm still not sure how I can chill out, but I have to try. I mean, heck...it's not like publishing my second novel will be any less stressful, especially with profits involved!

Speaking of my second novel, editing ten-year-old writing is freaking torture. My writing style has changed a lot, too, so I'm trying to be careful to maintain some of the original tone, while still optimizing and changing sections. Apparently, the effort to revise my second novel was well underway in 2015! It was a big surprise finding that editor copy in my Google Drive. I was already two chapters into editing when I got stonewalled at my first massive rewrite! I had to dig around for my notes on that, but thankfully I found them.

Another big worry of mine is organization. I had so many ideas I wanted to execute, so many details to remember, that it was hard to keep track of it all! I believe I did start a master document for note-keeping, but I fear that was lost to a now broken computer. Silly me! I can't find any backups for it. Siiiigh, so I can either double back and try to build my notes up again, or just struggle forward with what I can remember as I go.

As risky as it sounds, I may just forge onward without the notes. Last time, the preparation nearly killed the process. I just want to stop overthinking this and just do the thing, y'know? I'm overdue! When I hire an editor, then maybe we can work out the final kinks.

Now, switching back to fanfiction talk: I'm sorry to say that I haven't done much for Eerie Lantern or HCHL this weekend. Same for WTEtG. I would have started the new chapter for the latter, but instead, I focused a lot on my unpublished RariTwi fic.

Edits have been mostly completed for that one. I just want to write a short epilogue for it. Also, I'm still fretting about the ending, but after weeks of sitting on it, I'm not too sure I can improve it without additional feedback. The friend who was helping me edit pretty much tapped out (they have lots of RL stuff going on) so I'm low on options. Either I publish what I have or I continue to hold my breath for an editor. Last time I shopped this fic around, I had zero takers, so....

We'll see! Either way, it appears I'm going to be sitting on it for another week, at least. Maybe. If I ignore my doubts about the ending, the only thing holding the fic back is the silly epilogue.

My three day weekends never seem long enough, I'll tell you that.

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