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A German who likes history, and WW2 technology but not war. "Within the darkness there is light and hope"

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  • 4 weeks
    26 now

    Another birthday, now i am 26 years old. Good its on a friday this year, less work, thus more time to enjoy it.

    ...i never was good with this blog stuff...

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  • 122 weeks
    New/updated coverart

    Hello everyone/everypony. I just thought I inform you Bronie312 updated the coverart he made, meaning this would suit better.

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  • 135 weeks

    Hi guys. Hope you are all doing well in those difficult times.

    Just want to inform you Pinto of the Ardennes now has a cover, made by Bronie312. Much applied!

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  • 160 weeks
    I am well

    Hi guys. Just want to tell you am fine, despite the virus thing. My birthday tomorrow (technically today as it's past midnight right now) It will be a bit delayed with gifts and celebration, but better later than never

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  • 165 weeks
    Made a collab

    Hi guys! I am happy to announce that I made a collab with another author.

    It's a mature story about Alice and Thunderlane.

    Why? Because it was a thought I played with a long time ago and I find there are too few stallion on woman stories out there.

    So, anyone interested (And old enough) have a go!

    Read More

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150 milestone · 2:58pm Mar 1st, 2020

150 followers... huh, never expected that to happen

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I think that was me...

I know, which was unexpected, yet welcome:twilightsmile:

Congrats, pal! I'm so happy that you could reach 150 followers! Glad I could help you to reach that number!
Good luck in the future!

You're welcome, pal! I adore your stories, they're great and I think these are some of the very few things I LOVE in Fimfiction.

I REALLY mean it, I thought I was the only one who actually liked history and WAS FROM EUROPE!

Thanks! I just want to show not all axis soldiers were bad, as many think, given I am German myself

Yeah... I'll tell you something privately, hope you don't mind.

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