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The Legendary Bill Cipher Presents: A Bewitching Tale! · 12:46am Feb 29th, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, creatures of all species, I am proud to present to you all

The Plight of Amity Blight

A Tale from The Owl House

When Amity becomes possessed and trapped within her dreamscape, Luz and Willow must venture into her head to get her out.

Now you might be asking yourself: why am I posting about an Owl House story here on Fimfiction? Because it's a crossover! Featuring the almighty moon butt in a guest role as the moon goddess of the Demon Realm!

I was told that it was a story that could potentially be published here on Fimfiction, but also not due to the lack of pony content, so to be safe I am publishing it elsewhere - I never wish to break the rules of this site. You can find the story here on Fanfiction and here on my new Archive of Our Own page, on which it is my first published piece! I would like to thank FanOfMostEverything for giving the story a blind look over and for his advice.

If you don't know about The Owl House, you can find the first episode on Youtube here! I hope you enjoy reading it, and whatever else may come!

Wlm'g dliib Vjfvhgirz, R'oo hvv blf hllm.


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