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    slow clap

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Star Wars the Clone Wars: The Final Season: A Distant Echo · 4:09pm February 28th

"Nobody gets left behind."

Okay, so um, yeah. This was a fairly stunning episode for me for several reasons. One, it's implied that Rex and Obi-Wan know about Padme and her exact relationship with Anakin, and it's just an unspoken thing between them both not to say a word. Two, Echo is alive and... well, I wouldn't say quite well but he's alive.

This was, after the badass after badass sequence action hero romp that was the Bad Batch, a bit of a breather in some ways. Some, if not all. It was more of a personal episode, with Rex having to balance his personal feelings with the mission of taking down the outpost. Also, Padme's appearance was just wonderful, basically telling Anakin to help Rex through all of this, not distance himself from his Captain.

Now, not to say this episode's perfect. There was a sequence with the locals, which I don't think was needed. And secondly, was Echo being alive really needed? Yeah, I know it would have put Rex on the angst train even more but what if, and this is a hot take already, but what if the algorithm was just that? An algorithm? Echo's brain having been picked clean and the poor clone having been left to rot? Wat Tambor even said as much, but nope. Echo had to be alive. Hot take I know, but it would have made an interesting episode twist.

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