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Taps Microphone: recoils from dust · 6:52pm Feb 27th, 2020

Been a while, folks. Sorry for the radio silence but the holidays are a special kind of hell for people who work in retail and that extends a good bit into the following year before things calm down.

I've been writing still, though not as often as I would like or feel I should. I blew my own deadline for Folly of Princesses, but I do have a chapter in the works and will make every effort to finish asap.

In other news, I found out that a youtuber called Scarlettblade did a reading of Ship's Passing

The story is mature, but doesn't feature more than frank discussions and thoughts about sex, and of course heavy innuendo. Give it a listen and toss Scarlettblade a like for his hard work.

More ASAP.

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Comments ( 2 )

Take as long as you need hun. Your followers will understand. Me being just one of them. I also worked retail and fudge never again. Be safe now. Keep being awesome.

Glad for the update. Post when you can because we all understand real life issues.

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