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Hype of Delay · 2:07pm Feb 25th, 2020


"Another month has passed and still nothing." Well, yes, I completely agree that it could be the right way of describing the situation.

Only to a degree, however...

I am happy to announce that the "Passion with a Batpony" is ready. The optional "Journey with a Batpony" chapter-turned-story is not yet submitted, but it's checked, double-checked, triple-checked... and I'm sure there will still be some errors that were missed. Regardless, it's prepared and primed. The only thing that it requires now is for the cover art to be finished. It is taking a while, that is very true, but I ask all of you to, please, be patient. Creation is a very complex thing, and whimsical sometimes, but I believe it shall be all worth the wait.

After all, since this will be my first deep dive into the territory that is... well, quite promiscuous around some parts of FimFiction, I want to assure that the quality provided is as good as I can deliver, both from the writing standpoint and the visual aspect of it. I hope that my style of exploring romance and intimacy will be to your liking, with proper care and esteem granted to the topic... which might mean a gigantic flop when it comes to wide popularity. But as long as you, dear fans of "Journey" by itself and kind Followers of mine both, shall find pleasure in this particular piece, I will be more than satisfied.

After all, why write at all, if not for personal satisfaction and the flushed cheeks of the readers?

Stay tuned,


Comments ( 14 )

Don’t worry Gulheru, I’m sure your story won’t be a flop :twilightsmile: The name “Passion with a batpony” is already a clickbait :twilightblush:

I look forward to reading "Passion with a Batpony" once it releases,and given the quality of the rest of the story I have little reason to worry it won't be up to the same standard :)


Is it click-bait? Damn it, I should change it, then, not to give the wrong impression. :raritywink:


I'm very happy to hear that. I would hate to disappoint. :twilightsheepish:

5209504 I look forward to read it, when you have written it.


As soon as the cover art is done and implemented. Also, thank you for the "follow", I'm honored. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by FlutterTwi deleted Feb 25th, 2020

Cool, Im still trying to read "Journey with a Batpony" but I do look forward to seeing/reading "Passion with a batpony"
On a side note, I look forward to reading more from you, I Really do love your work so far and hope you can keep going, but please never push yourself bud


You need a little bit of "self-pushing" in life, that's what gets stuff done, but I understand. Thank you for the praise and I hope I will continue to deliver. Also, thank you kindly for the "follow". :twilightsmile:

Your welcome bud, you deserve it


Who is doing the cover art? Is it the same artist who did the one for Journey? Will we ever see more art of best batpony waifu Sunfall Ordain?


Yes and I wholeheartedly believe it shall be worth the wait.

Also - I don't know, maybe. :raritywink:

Um hello I don't know if your going to read this or not but i just wanted to say that i truly love your story! I found the video reading of "interview with a batpony" and fell in love with midnight i love his character so much!
So i just had to see if there was more so for that past few days i have been binging the other story then this one. But truly my words can't be enough you are a great writer, the world building and the culture of the bat ponies i fell for...well not all of their cultures. This story has made me feel so many emotions that i can't even describe and im happy to wait to read more and more of your things.

Thank you for your work!



Of course I'm going to read your comment, as I value and cherish all and any insight from the readers. And I wish to thank you, sincerely, for your praise. I'm overjoyed that my tale invoked so many feelings, as that is exactly why stories are weaved. I hope you will continue to enjoy my writing, as more is surely on its way. :twilightsmile:

Stay tuned and thank you once again for your kind words.

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