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Caught up on She-Ra · 3:12pm February 24th

"I am She-Ra? You think you're the only Princess out there? Adora, you've become part of a much bigger universe... you just don't know it yet."

This show is amazing and I hope its reputation continues to grow. It is funny and intense and spirited complex and engaging and all-around fantastic. This is a show that can convincingly portray long-time villains as becoming heroic, long-time heroes as becoming villainous, and keep the plot moving to deeper and darker places while still finding time for heart and humor among its characters. It is a show that can make its villains sympathetic, emotional, and complex, while still making them undeniably evil. And its heroes can learn about themselves and what they are capable of, for better and for worse, through deterimation, hard work, and friendship.

Season 5 cannot come fast enough.

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I wanted to feel bad for Catra. I really did.... but what she did in Season 3 was just too far for me.

Yeah, I hear ya. She seems to have finally had her Heel Realization in S3, I'm hoping it sticks and she changes for the better in S4.


Being willing to let all Etheria disappear into a hyperspatial singularity was pretty bad. Ironically, sending Entrapta into a potentially-deadly exile, and even worse, tricking Hordak into believing that Entrapta betrayed him, comes off as even eviller.

It really does.


I think it's because the last-named action -- deliberately sabotaging the love developing between two extreme misfits -- is the one which we could actually see being committed against us or our friends in most of our lived experiences.

I'll say this about Catra, she has lost her mind.

You know the writing is good when they can make me feel empathy for Hordak.
You really feel Hordak’s rage when he’s trying to blast Catra for making him betray Entrapta.

The fact that they created a believable heartfelt relationship between Hordak and Entrapta before pulling off the betrayal is great writing.
They could have made the Horde evil but instead made almost all the Horde characters sympathetic and relatable while still being the bad guys.

It’s what makes me continue to watch the show.

It is a great show. I don't know if I'd go so far as to call it amazing, but I can definitely see why you think that. Though I wish that shows would stop constantly making villains it's obvious they intend to redeem take things past the moral event horizon, so it makes their inevitable change to the light side more satisfying and less mixed. Speaking of villians who take things too far, the description you said in the 2nd paragraph sounds exactly like how I would describe Once Upon A Time. Probably sounds like a random point, but it was so much like how that show is that I almost thought I was reading about She-Ra for a bit. :rainbowlaugh:

I really like the show, but I think that they skimp out on the princesses' characterizations. Perfuma originally was against violence and allowing the Horde to be defeating by wishing really hard. Now she just punches threats away. Mermista was proud and isolationist, and now she's working on a team without any problems. Frosta was all about keeping control and earning the respect of everyone she could, and now she rides into battle with Glimmer against the Horde. I just think it would be cool if their previous philosophies colored their fighting style a little more.

What did you think of the mercenary non-binary chameleon-like Double Trouble? They are a shapeshifter, and Catra seems to have found a new ally.

what did you think of double trouble i loved them

I couldn't agree more.


That was brilliant -- that they managed to make the Horde's goals evil, while make the individual members of the Horde just people, fighting for their own side, rather than because they were all sadists. For that matter, Hordak himself isn't so much personally evil as someone reared in the morals of an unthinkably evil culture . The Horde is made up of people who are hurt by their culture and encouraged by that culture to take it out on other people.

Entrapta is very much like a dark Gadget Hackwrench. She's a brilliant engineer, socially-crippled by mild autism. Unlike Gadget, though, her autism is more serious and she isn't with the good guys long enough to develop better coping skills. She actually does fairly well in the Boskonian-like Horde culture, until she is betrayed by one of the people she trusted the most -- showing a disadvantage of an evil culture, because Entrapta was immensely useful to Hordak (quite beyond his emotional attraction to her).

In the most recent season, we get to meet Horde Prime and the real Horde Empire, and realize that Hordak's little fiefdom was as nothing, either in power or in evil, compared to that which spawned them. Which elevates the whole situation to true Cosmic Horror.



That's when Hordak realizes that Catra tricked him into betraying his best friend and possible True Love and did so for her own selfish purposes. And in the process, convinced him that he had neither hope of true friendship nor love.

Oh, he wants to kill Catra.

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