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Interview with Lightning Ace. · 11:36am February 24th

Interview with Lightning Ace

by Nailah

“Alright, now tell me, my dear friend, what inspired your username?”


Growing up, I was fascinating with the concept of running super fast, and fly throw the air, my user name reflect both loves in one  

“What drew you into Mlp?” 


It was actually two factors, the first one was a video of a youtube channel called (Death Battle) in which they question, who wins? Rainbow Dash or Starscream, and the other  was a review from a youtuber called C.R, who made a complete retrospective about the show, since G1, all the way to the most recent one, saying that was actually well written. 

Who's your favorite pony and why?


Out of the main six, I would have to say Fluttershy because I can relate to her in various ways. I too I’m easily scared and avoid everything that causes me fear if possible, and part of me envy how good she can bond with any animal.  

“Favorite episode and why?”

Response: … 

Pinkie Pride, because it features Weird Al and the study let him do what he does best, down to copy other songs, making a polka and over all just going nuts all around it, my favourite scene by far was when he breaks the four wall and put an actual rubber chicken to dance. 

“What inspires you to write?”


I simply can’t help it, my mind is constantly thinking about stories and ideas, and I like to explore what if scenarios. The whole reason why I wrote my most liked story was mainly asking myself, who is Blueblood? And Where did he go? Because other than a cameo and an episode he simply banished and they never gave us an answer to the question. Is he really Celestia blood relative? And if so, how does it work? Is there a bloodline of nobles, that form part of Celestia family? How long does it go? Is he Luna great, great, great, great son? Questions like that, that were never answer made me think and well, starting with one small experiment blossom into a full fledge story of ‘The Blueblood who learn and grew’ 

“Give us the background of the author! Tell us all about you. Well in a short summary.


There is not much I could say about myself. I’m a simple man with his head on the clouds constantly who likes to see the bright side of things and will fight for his dreams to the bitter end no matter what happens.   

Nothing would make me more happy than to find that special lady that could really understand me, and help me grow as we learn from one another, and really connect. And I consider myself an artist, not by drawing or painting but in writing and exploring concepts. Question worlds and how to build them, as well as having a dream of someday being able to write and publish a book so good and entertaining that it will have the same fame, my heroes got. (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones) all of them writer with passion and a world to show. 

My dream is that someday I would be able to create something like that too. 

“With Mlp coming to an end, tell us one thing you have learned from your experiences, and how it has helped you to grow?


Friendship and what it means, not only for me but for my friends. How important is to be there for one another, and the prove that if working in harmony, respect and understanding, if joining forces, nothing would be able to stop you from reaching your dreams. 

As well as the lesson that is not important reaching the goal but rather the journey itself. 

“Is there anything else you'd like to say?


Part of me, is sad that at the end of things Chrysalis was stubborn and was unable to redeem herself, nothing would have made me more happy than to see her change like Discord, and molt like the rest of her species. Maybe even see her hive like a proud mom seeing her childrens growing up. 

Maybe even setting on a journey of her own to find herself, and figure out what to do. I still have hope for that as a matter of fact, now that I know the story will continue in the comics.  So I have my finger crossed that this will not be the last we will see of the changeling queen and with any luck we will see her with a complete new look.  

Also, Cozy Glow I agree is beyond helping, Tirek and Chrysalis I see hope. But someone that memorized friendship so perfectly and still learned nothing. Is just a sociopath incapable of empathy

Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of interviewing you, you have truly been a pleasure to talk too. I hope you continue being awesome.


Link to Lightning Ace's fimfiction page:

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