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Bonus young six content · 4:54am February 21st

I haven't been particularly writing much of anything since uploading The New Job. I am pleased that people liked it so much.
I've written some words here and there but nothing near uploading. These been a little work on chapter 5 of Fetch Quest (It is real). Thinking about how to rework Rough Year away from being a mystery, and more of my own Season 10 of episodic stories. Besides that started some words on a short 1 shot about Sandbar that shouldn't pass 6k words. (That's what I thought about Two and Half Dragons, so god help me). Lastly that I have a few other oneshot ideas on the backburner all about the young six polyship, or as I like to call it The Diversity Club.

So in the meantime enjoy these dumb young six comics I make that some of you may have already seen.

First a small series about growing up or something

and 1 late Valentine's Day pic

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Comments ( 4 )

I LOVE the valentine's pic.
I'm totally adopting "The Diversity Club" for the Student Six omniship. Eeee it's perfect!

It's a good ship name, and also an actual club I'll make Yona president of as soon as I figure out how to fit it into my own continuity.

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