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I do all kinds of writing and always appreciate feedback.

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  • Friday
    Motivation to Write

    I got a page done earlier today but I'm not expecting much of anything to really PUSH. I'm hoping to get the next chapter done within the next couple weeks (hopefully the next couple days) but I'm not making any plans. I've been dealing with a lot of... uhh. Stuff. Some of it good, some of it bad, some of it neither. It's been a really mixed bag of things. But overall I'm putting a lot of

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  • 4 weeks
    Sorry for the lack of updates.

    Been overwhelmed again but for both the same reasons and different reasons. Still going to therapy and it's helping a lot. I'm making giant strides each session. I recently cut off some 'family' who finally grew too toxic and I had to do it for my mental health. I also cut off a friend who hurt me in the past that I wanted to try to make new memories with but every time I tried it ended up

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  • 6 weeks
    Birfday Horse Provides Excerpt of next chapter.

    Flit was tentative, biting his lower lip as he sat up. “I...” He looked up at Fear with watery eyes. “I might've gotten in a little in over my head. I scavenged in the Maneami Manifesto's territory because I was looking to make the big caps. You know how it is, right?”

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  • 8 weeks

    Most of us have 'em, most of us don't want 'em. I know I got scars from my past, from what I've dealt with. My face looks perpetually tired to the point I look strange and it kind of mars my face. I sometimes look supernaturally sad from being overwhelmed by emotions, and it's hard to wipe it off my face.

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  • 9 weeks
    Change of Plans (sorta)

    I'm going to publish chapter 18 as is after it gets done in proofreading. And splitting what was once chapter 18 into two separate chapters. Solely because I want to try and keep chapters on the short-ish end of things from now on. It's currently sitting at 6.6k words and I have 1.4k words of the next chapter done already. It'll likely amount to 3-4k words once I'm done with it.

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No new chapters til... · 3:33am February 21st

Next month. I'm taking a small break from writing given I got 4 chapters done this month. I'm gonna spend the off time working on my Monster Seduction dice manual that I intend to publish eventually. I'm at about 10/25 monsters for my part. So... close to done.

Sorry about leaving off on a cliffhanger. :P I promise updates resume sometime early next month, or, if I just can't help myself and do a bunch of writing, sometime late this month.

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