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    Online LoonyCon invite (credit to Horizon)

    (Post stolen 100% from Horizon since I'm stuck at work) Given the current locked-down state of the world, and everyone trying to adjust to full-time life at home as the new normal, it's super exciting to see how the MLP community is coming together for online conventions. A great way to touch base, have fun, and learn new things. In this case, it's also a rare opportunity for a live Horizon

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    For your ongoing shut-in entertainment - Substitute Librarian snippet (long)

    Just to let you know, there has been some progress on an arc in The Substitute Librarian, in particular a point where Emerald is enjoying his solitude in the middle of the night in the dark library tree. Nothing but him, his homework project, some cold medicine for his sniffles… and a midnight visitor, a mare who he refuses to look at for obvious (to him) reasons. See below the break.

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    Half-Arc of Letters to give you poor bored people something to do

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    Monster Letters and Shut-Ins - Decision needed and sample

    I’ve got four chapters in the current arc of Letters From a Little Princess Monster done, which resolves one of the three Discord challenges, and gets a good start on the other two. I figure the whole arc will run eight chapters or more, so that leaves me with a question: Post now while everybody’s stranded at home, or wait until the whole arc is done (probably six months from now,

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    Farmer Bruener To Entertain Flu-Trapped Readers and Other Interesting Bits

    Since some of you will be looking for things to do online for the next few days, Chris Eliopoulos was so kind as to post his Misery Loves Sherman archive, Spaniard Kiwi has posted a Spanish translation of How Many

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Discount Chocolate Day and Discount Ponyfiction Day · 6:26pm February 20th

This is the last day for Lulu.com's discount code LULU10 to save 10% on orders of Georg's ponyfiction paperback books or Ponyfeather Publishing's collection. Curl up with some nibbled chocolate Easter bunnies, some romantic horses, and enjoy the season.

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Comments ( 9 )

Still trying to figure out where DE is on Lulu's shipping chart. Delaware? Deutschland?

299 books (carefully priced to avoid making a profit), looking for 300, still looking....

I bought paperback copies of Sisters and a couple of books from the PPF collection (Fanfare for the Common Mare by Admiral Biscuit and Lost Time by bookplayer). I really want to get the other books, but If I bought every book I wanted, I would have to go about a month or two without eating. I also need to save up for train and Room and Board expenses as I plan for my trip to Everfree Northwest this August.

Also, I don't know how close you guys are with the publishers, but in my order notes, I asked about the possibility of getting the Sisters book signed or at least a special bookmark or sticker as I want to gift it to a friend at work who is a fellow pony enthusiast.

Got a few PPF books! Thanks for the reminder!

Well write a sequel to Letters and I'll have something to buy! :rainbowwild:

5206782 I'm working on the next arc, honest.

The thick doors swung silently open, revealing a terrible mess. Sections of the carpet had been ripped up, chunks of shattered tables thrown in all directions, and several stuffed chairs and sofas had been violently de-stuffed. Worst of all were the bookshelves broken and cast to all directions, with the books that should have been protected inside similarly damaged and scattered. It was a terrible, horrible scene of destruction that tugged at Monster’s sense of indignation and brought a faint sheen of red down over her eyes, but she pressed that anger back, blocked it, swallowed it up and turned it into the will that she was going to need.

In the middle of the debris-strewn room were two struggling figures, grunting and groaning like they were having sex instead of just wrestling. Fizzy had wrapped her hind legs around Pumpernickel’s neck, and was twisting one wing up behind his shoulders, while the big pegasus was struggling with the chokehold and flapping the other wing around in an attempt to flip them both over.

“Give it up!” snarled Fizzy. “Tap out or I’ll break your— Whoa!” The outstretched wing managed to get underneath a fragment of couch, and Pumpernickel used the resulting leverage to heave Fizzy up into the air, then down on the ground with himself on top.

“Give it up!” managed Fizzy from underneath. “I’ll break this wing, I swear.”

“Try it!” snarled Pumpernickel back through a mouthful of leg hair. “You’ll lose a leg to go with that horn.”


grunting and groaning like they were having sex instead of just wrestling

Ahh, Monster's straightforward way of thinking. I missed that :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for the heads up! Looking forward to that :yay:

I'm just being silly :pinkiesmile:
Denmark? Ye Olde Disneylande? Dartmouthe? Discordlande? Danube? Cloudesdale (due to Old Pega alphabet/spelling)?

You don't make anything on the book sales? But... why would I buy something in dead tree format if it's not gonna give the author money?

Georg #9 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

5210458 So you can have a physical book in hand. If I might suggest The One Who Got Away/Drifting Down the Lazy River as one that you can both purchase, AND give as a gift to some unsuspecting relative once you have read it often enough that you're bored with it.

"Hey, Aunt Grace. I bought you a book about romantic unicorns and seaponies. You're welcome."

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