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  • 4 weeks
    An interesting turn

    I knew that Chapter 6 of The Line was my most popular chapter. It has been since about a week since publish.

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  • 7 weeks

    Sounds of laughter and playful shouting could be heard in the air on Truce's outskirts. Rainbow Dash flying through the air carrying a ball and looking at the two girls running along beneath her.

    Sara, catch! *Rainbow Dash threw the ball up in the air, catching it with her tail before spinning and clumsily slinging it generally in Sara's direction.*

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  • 12 weeks
    ADD makes thigs so much harder than they have to be.

    My Brain:
    Wow, you know what? This would be a great idea, and it could go in this direction, or even that direction. And it fits perfectly too. You should write this down as soon as possible.

    My brain the moment I start writing:

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  • 13 weeks
    Two years

    One more year on fimfiction. (Okay, I'm a bit late.)
    This year wasn't as hectic as last year, and I think that's good. Not to say this year wasn't uneventful, for both good and bad. I've tried new things, stopped a couple others.
    I'm not looking back at as much this year, in part because it doesn't feel as strange to me to be here. To have been so welcomed.

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  • 14 weeks

    Anoter Blog like Fallout Dude 50's. Sometimes I just feel like writing one of these.

    James was looking over his garden early in the morning, sipping his coffee as he inspected the leaves and blossoms for their health. From behind him a gentle voice quietly spoke.

    Hello, James.

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10,000+ Total Views for The Line Between Fire and Light · 3:45am Feb 20th, 2020

I mean, the title really says it there. 10,014 at the time I'm writing this. and Chapter 1 is at 815.
Yeah, the total is spread over 69 chapters, but those still aren't numbers to sneeze at.
A lot happened in this story, and while writing it. What's here represents a piece of the story, but it's also most of what's left. I've noticed my writing improve while posting here, everybody's support led me to try new things with my writing. Which brought about Forgettable. Now trying things hasn't always worked out but that's all part of trying to improve.
Which actually leads me into one of the best things about coming here. The community. There ups and downs, people I am glad to see, others I'd rather stay away from. But that's life. For the most part, people here are friendly and supportive.
Once again I find myself happy to say,

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