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A German who likes history, and WW2 technology but not war. "Within the darkness there is light and hope"

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  • 104 weeks
    New/updated coverart

    Hello everyone/everypony. I just thought I inform you Bronie312 updated the coverart he made, meaning this would suit better.

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  • 117 weeks

    Hi guys. Hope you are all doing well in those difficult times.

    Just want to inform you Pinto of the Ardennes now has a cover, made by Bronie312. Much applied!

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  • 142 weeks
    I am well

    Hi guys. Just want to tell you am fine, despite the virus thing. My birthday tomorrow (technically today as it's past midnight right now) It will be a bit delayed with gifts and celebration, but better later than never

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  • 147 weeks
    Made a collab

    Hi guys! I am happy to announce that I made a collab with another author.

    It's a mature story about Alice and Thunderlane.

    Why? Because it was a thought I played with a long time ago and I find there are too few stallion on woman stories out there.

    So, anyone interested (And old enough) have a go!

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  • 151 weeks
    150 milestone

    150 followers... huh, never expected that to happen

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Mature stories · 8:17pm Feb 15th, 2020

Hi there, guys! An opinion I could need of all my followers. Would you mind if a mature story would get uploaded on my account? Normal sex and Foalcon?

It was an ifdea of a felow authur, which I am unsure of.

Comments ( 14 )

Well...I wouldn't read it but...I wouldn't object as long as it was tasteful and didn't give off any unfortunate implications.

Thank you, much apprechiated. Just the fear of reputation, you know?

Comment posted by Purple Patch deleted Feb 15th, 2020

I think the stories that you have are fine, I dont see where you need foal con or sex stories but I do understand if you want to branch out a bit

As stated, this was suggested/recommended by another Author, I was just unsure if I should do it

Sure, why not. If you want to try something out go ahead. So long as its tasteful I dont forsee you becoming a pariah or anything.

hmmm For my part I don't have any problem, I even see it as a way that you can try new / different things since you may run out of ideas of the type of stories you are currently doing

so yes, go ahead, I'm curious about what you can show

I think it's okay, given that it doesn't imply anything distasteful. Besides, they're your stories; this is a place to freely express yourself!

Not really, if it serves a purpose to the plot, go for it! :)

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