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Something I wanna see · 3:09pm February 14th

I don't know what kind of story this would work in, but you could probably write a whole thing around this scene. Follow me here:

It's the climactic final battle, and the ponies are not doing so well. Whatever they're fighting, it's simply been stronger than all their best plans put together. Things are looking bleak, and either their allies have not come through, or they're in straits just as dire.

Then one of the bad guys notices something on the horizon. The battle slows as everyone turns to watch. Over the hill comes a lone figure. Then a line of them. Then a platoon. Then suddenly everyone's watching as Zecora leads hundreds of her people in lockstep march, when no one thought they'd be coming.

And of course, they're doing the Black Panther thing, chanting "Yibambe!" over and over and it's really fucking cool, and you do this not because you want to make a reference to a well-regarded movie, but because you want people to remember the intense, raw energy that pervaded that scene, to draw a parallel with the scene in your story so the reader knows exactly how they should be taking this turns of events.

Anyway, hmu if that happens anywhere :B

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Comments ( 14 )

Well-regarded movie?

Uhh... I guess someone, somewhere, outside of the media must regard it well.

Looking forward to the zebra renaissance after the zecora idw comic comes out

Uh, isn't that pretty much what happened in The Ending of the End Part 2? I mean, with significantly less zebras, of course.

But yeah, I really wish the show had done more with Zecora and show us more zebras... although with the whole, "Only black voice actor with a recurring role and she plays a jive-talking zebra and a donkey" angle, I kind of get why they just wanted to quietly ignore it.

The zebras could do the shield striking thing with their hooves.

The best (IMHO) is at 1:04

Remembers news of the Season 10 comic issues delving into Zecora's homeland

And now... we wait.

Drefsab's Before the Dawn has almost exactly that. I mean, the actual scene is a secondary one, and rather less dramatic, but nopony was expecting the zebras to show up en masse. There is a scene a little later in the story that's closer in theme to what you're describing, but it's not zebras...

nice! you have a link to that?

Author Interviewer

Part of me realizes this would be awesome to pull off in Fallout: Equestria, but you'd have to spend like a hundred thousand words explaining A) why there are zebras and ponies in the same place, and B) why they're working together. It'd be a hell of a payoff though!

The Ending of the End wishes it was MCU level shit.

This would only make it better!

Hm... the first thing that came to my mind was
"At dawn, look to the east!"

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