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    Forever Mare Update

    Forever Mare has been newly edited and revised for print. This includes new content and corrections too. The old, shorter version is still accessible through Missing Pages. Having this new version out has also made it a great chance to release the sequel that I have had in my project backlog. Check it out below!

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    New Audio Reading: On Deaf Ears

    The new version of On Deaf Ears has an audio reading! It's awesome stuff, and there is even an effect to show Discord is still in the statue. This has always been one of my favorite one-shots and seeing it made into a reading this good is wonderful, so please go check it out!

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    rip in pepperoni

    these fellas never got to see the light of day so they're weird colored little shits

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    "Ice Star, why have you been so quiet lately?" (massive content warning for suicide)

    I'd like to think it's for a good reason, but I might be all out of those. I've had writer's block and very little time to attempt to correct it. Normally, when I have no motivation I like to whip my ADHD no-focus and hyperfocus into shape, though it all depends on which one has decided to claim me. But no, I've mostly been dealing with my university coursework, and that I've declared a double

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New Iceverse art! · 12:20am Feb 14th, 2020

While this blog is not about Divine Move getting the revision to stand aside the others in the series, it is about an update. No, it has nothing to do with being edited for print or anything like that. The story itself has not been edited and I'm not going to be in any position to edit the Sombra series with university and unfinished stories in need of updates. Y'know, the usual full plate stuff. However, I have gotten some new Iceverse art, as those of you who read the title will know.

I've been updating the art for the main series as much as possible. This includes getting requests most of the time, and the last story to get updated art finally has. It's a lovely piece from Rocket Lawn Chair (who also did stories) and it makes for one snazzy cover, too! :heart:

I highly recommend both their art and stories. The effort put into both is lovely stuff, and I'm very glad that future readers will see such a nice image before being lured into my spiral of horsewords too. Their deviant-art page is linked under 'sauce' and their stories are under the same name.

That's it for now, y'all.

-Ice Star

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Comments ( 9 )

... Aaand I keep forgetting there's no upvoting on journals. Ah well, very nice piece of art none the less! I love the little hidden details in shadow along her mane and tail especially!

Isn’t it just so glittery and good?

It really really is! Sit there for an hour and just try to find all the little stars and swirls hidden away!

I'm glad you like the art!

I’m glad you made it 🖤

Ikr? Rocket has many talents

you have some very dedicated fans here!:pinkiesmile:

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